Hand And Feet


8 Natural Remedies for Chilblains that really work I Dermatologist Pick

Do you get red, itchy and swollen toes in …

tee tree oil for warts
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Tea tree oil for Warts I Dermatologist Guide

Does tea tree oil kill warts? Is it safe …

Nail Problems

Brittle, peeling or splitting nails- Cause and treatment

“Do you have brittle, peeling or splitting nails? Do …

Nail Problems

How to get beautiful and healthy nails?

Beautiful, healthy, shiny and smooth nails are what we …


Corn I How to use corn cap/paint I Dermatologist Guide

“Doctor, How to use corn cap? How to remove …

Hand And Feet

Hand and Foot care tips- clean, exfoliate and moisturise

Hand and foot care needs particular emphasis because the …

Cure For Stinky Feet And Smelly Shoes

Written By Dr Surbhi, MD Skin Last updated: 24/07/21 …

Genital careSkin InfectionsWarts

Genital warts therapy I Dermatologist Guide

Have you noticed some warty growths in your genital …

Nail Problems

Hangnail- prevent and treat them in 7 simple steps

Hangnails are the piece of thick skin (and not …

Nail Problems

Can HIV spread by Pedicure or Manicure? I Dermatologist Opinion

With the advent of AIDS, the rumours of spreading …

Hand And Feet

Get rid of toe/knee callus in 6 steps I Dermatologist Guide

“Doctor, the skin on my toes is getting thickened …

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