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Dr Surbhi, ​MD

Skin & Hair Regime Expert


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Services Offered

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Skincare Regime

80% of mild acne, ​pigmentation, dull skin tone, ​wrinkles and dark circles can ​be treated by right skincare ​regi​me.

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Haircare Regime

Struggling with hair fall, ​dandruff, or early greying? ​Right diet and products can ​help!​

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Body Skincare

Do you have eczema, urticaria, or m​ild rashes? Right skincare p​roducts and avoidance of a​llergen can reduce flares.

Multipointed Star

What O​ur Clients S​ay

Skincare Re​gme

Dr. Surbhi invests time to understand your ​personality/lifestyle and case history She will ​always keep your long term skin health in mind ​than short term quick fix. Which means she will ​recommend non steroid medicines unless needed.

Haircare Regime

We consulted Dr. Surbhi for the hair loss ​problem. We have found her very cooperative, ​gentle but truth speaking person and always ​provide treatment without going into unnecessary ​diagnosis and tests.

Child Skincare

Dr. Surbhi Mahajan is an exceptional ​dermatologist! She treated my 9-month-old ​daughter with such care and expertise. The ​results of the treatment were immediate and ​impressive. Dr. Mahajan’s knowledge and ​attention to detail are evident in her work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What services does Dr. Surbhi, MD offer through online consultations?

You can consult Dr Surbhi, MD for minor skin and hair issues including acne, pigmenation, eczema, urticaria, male ​pattern baldness, hair loss in females, anti-ageing regime, dandruff, grey hair, dark circles, fungal infections, etc.

2. How do I schedule an online consultation with Dr. Surbhi?

You can schedule an online consultation through Dr. Surbhi's Calendly page. Simply select a convenient time slot, fill ​out the required information, and confirm your appointment.

3. What technology do I need for an online consultation?

You will need a stable internet connection, a computer or smartphone with a webcam, and a quiet, private space ​for the consultation. Dr. Surbhi uses secure video conferencing software, which you can access through a link ​provided after booking.

4. What is Dr. Surbhi’s cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please do so at least 24 hours in advance to avoid a ​cancellation fee. Appointments canceled within 24 hours of the scheduled time may be subject to a fee.

5. Can I get a prescription during an online consultation?

Yes, Dr. Surbhi can provide prescriptions for appropriate medications during your online consultation. However, ​please note that some medications may require an in-person visit or additional documentation.​

6. I don’t live in India. How can I get the medicines prescribed by Dr. Surbhi?

For NRI, Dr Surbhi, MD would provide Over-The-Counter skin and hair care products available at Watson, Guardian ​or online that can be used to address minor skin issues in 80% cases. If you can source medicines from Inida, we ​can share presecriptions as well.

7. Is my information secure during the online consultation?

Absolutely. Dr. Surbhi uses secure, encrypted video conferencing software to ensure your privacy and the ​confidentiality of your medical information.

8. Can I get a refund if I’m not satisfied with my consultation?

We do not offer refunds for online consultations. If you have any concerns or feedback regarding your consultation, ​please contact [email protected] to discuss your e​xperience.