Ingredients Guide

Ingredients Guide

Bisphenol A (BPA/bpa)- Source, Side effect and Avoidance measures

“Doctor, Should I avoid BPA?”Let me ask, “Can you …

Triethanolamine, Di or Monoethonalamine- Source And Side Effects

Triethanolamine(TEA), Diethonlamine(DEA) and Monoethonalamine(MEA) are a group of related compounds that …

Phthalates- Source, Side Effects And Avoidance Measures

Phthalates is the name given to a group of …

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Studies show Fairness Cream In India Contains Mercury I Dermatocare

Mercury, a notorious troublemaker, is not just a heavy …

Ingredients Guide

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate-Does your toothpaste produce foam?

You are exposed to this harsh chemical every day, …

Ingredients Guide

Betnovate- A steroid cream that ruins your skin forever

“Doctor, what are the active ingredients in Betnovate? What …

Ingredients Guide

Formaldehyde- Source, Uses, Side Effects & Avoidance Measure

Formaldehyde is used widely as a cross-linking agent, preservative …

Ingredients Guide

Parabens: Are they really harmful?

Doctor, Are Parabens really harmful? Our research does reveal …

Ingredients Guide

Sodium lauryl sulfate- should you go SLS free?

Sodium lauryl sulphates (SLS) is a surfactant or in simple …

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