Betnovate- A steroid cream that ruins your skin forever

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Betnovate- A steroid cream that ruins your skin forever

Doctor what is active ingredients in betnovate? What is side effects and benefits? How to stop Betnovate?

Betnovate is a cream that is available under following name- Betnovate N, Betnovate C, Betnovate GM and Betnovate cream. Betnovate cream is used as general purpose cream to cure skin problems like cuts, rashes, allergies, skin lightening, etc.

Most people think it is harmless anti-septic cream. But the truth is Betnovate has potent steroid called as betamethasone valerate.

Betnovate might cure any skin problem for time being. But as soon as you stop using it, your skin problems would come back more severely. Not only this, your skin problem might need more stronger medicines to get better. Read this article to know what are side effects of Betnovate and how to stop Betnovate cream.

What is steroid?

Steroids are the group of medicines that are similar to Glucocorticoid hormones secreted in our body. Glucocorticoid hormones play an important role in daily regulation of sugar levels, inflammation, homeostasis, metabolism etc. In time of stress, glucocorticoid hormones help in coping with the increase demands of body.

Therefore, oral steroids are given for disease where immune response is over-active like auto-immune disorders, rheumatic disorders, second stage of Covid when inflammatory markers increases and so on.

Dermatologists prescribe topical steroid for skin disorders where immune response is overactive like eczema, psoriasis, lichen planus, alopecia areata.

What are side effects of eating steroids?

Steroids are prescribed by your doctor only if it is important. Steroid cause side effects, if they are taken at very high dose, for long period, or tapered fast, or if they are taken erratically. Therefore, you should follow the exact instruction of dosage given by your doctor.

Common side effects of steroids are osteoporosis, stretch marks, diabetes, abdominal obesity, glaucoma, cataracts, avascular necrosis, infections, growth retardation, and hypertension. All these side effects can be managed by your doctor, therefore, it is important to stay in touch with your doctor when you are eating steroids.

What are side effects of Betnovate?

Steroids creams can cause side effects, if high potency steroids like Betnovate are used for more than 2 weeks on body and more than few days on face. Steroid cream work like magic on your skin because they can clear any skin problem, but when you stop them, your skin problem might return after few days with more stronger manifestations.

I have discussed side effects of steroid cream in the video given below:

The common side effects of steroids are as follows:

  • Thinning of skin
  • Stretch marks
  • Worsening of acne
  • Increase sensitivity of skin
  • Excess hair growth
  • Darkening of skin
  • Worsening of fungal infection

Interestingly none of these side effects are noted when you are applying steroids, but they become evident when you stop them for some time. Most of you think that steroids are working and you should apply them little longer for full relief, and when you restart steroid cream your skin looks and feels better. Thus, a vicious cycle of steroid dependence is formed.

How to recognize oral steroids?

Your doctor might not tell you that he is prescribing steroid to you, and unfortunately in India, patients continue taking them because they work like magic. I have personally seen hundreds of patients both educated and uneducated, who keep on taking steroids to keep their skin problem from coming back.

The most common steroid tablets used in India are:

  • Prednisolone- This is sold under brand names of Wysylone, Delsone, Omnacortil and many more.
  • Methyl Prednisolone- Common brand names are Medrol and Zempred
  • Betamethasone- Common brand names are betnesole, Steminforte
  • Deflazocort- Common brand names are Defcort, Defsone

Covid pandemic has raised awarness about side effects of steroids, and chemist also refrain from giving steroid to patients now. But situation is grim in villages, because steroid injection are used very often for skin and other ailments.

How to recognize topical steroid tube?

Best is to avoid buying any tube for skin problem form the chemist because 90% times it would have steroids in it. In fact, there are more than thousands of brands of steroid cream in India, it is next to impossible to list them all here.

I am listing the common salts of steroid cream along with few brand names that are used commonly in India:

  • Mometasone: Momate, Elocon, HHSone, Momoz, Momtaz, Ezimet, Dermitop, Momstar
  • Betamethasone: Betnovate, Betamil, Diprobate, Quadriderm, Tigboderm, Betasalic, Sigmaderm, Dermitop, Stemin GM, Candid-B
  • Clobetasol: Clop-G, Tenovate, Cosvate, Lobate, Panderm, Propysalic, Zincoderm, Tufderm, Dermiford
  • Halobetasol: Halovate, Halotop, Halox, Haloderm

How can I avoid side effects of steroid cream like Betnovate?

Here some steps to reduce side effects of steroid creams:

  • AVOID USE: Well, the best option is not to buy any skin cream from the chemist without checking its ingredients because 90% of them have steroids in them.
  • REDUCE USE: If you still want to use steroid cream for minor skin problems at home, then make sure you don’t use for more than 7 days. If your rash comes back after stopping Betnovate or any steroid cream, then it is indication of consulting dermatologist.
  • PROPER USE: Most people use excess cream for their skin problem. You should a small amount of steroid cream to your skin lesion, with tip of finger. Massage the cream so that it gets absorbed. There is no use of putting a large amount of cream because it will increase side effects and most of it gets wasted.
  • FOLLOW PRESCRIPTION: Most steroid cream start harming your skin if applied twice a day continuously for more than 2-4 weeks. Therefore, it is important to follow the instruction given by your dermatologist. Stop using them if you cannot visit your skin doctor. Many patients turn up after 3-6 months with pigmentation, pimples, stretch marks, rosacea or thin skin after using steroid cream on face.
  • DO NOT FOLLOW ADVIDE OF PARLOR OR FRIEND OR YOUTUBE: Recently, lot of people have started using steroid cream on face on advice of parlor girl, friends, or Youtubers. Steroid cream like Betnovate make your skin flawless and radiant in the beginning, but more you apply more dependent you get on Betnovate.

How can I stop Betnovate?

Most people develop acne, pigmentation, dull skin, itching, sensitivity breakout, increase hair growth etc. on face after stopping Betnovate. In this case, you should consult a dermatologist.

Betnovate or steroid addiction is similar to alcohol addiction, you have to reduce the steroid slowly as explained in the video given below:


I hope this article was helpful. iI you wish to consult Dr Surbhi, MD for stopping Betnovate. Please call on 7347594947 for booking online appointment.

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