MamaEarth TeaTree Spot Gel

MamaEarth TeaTree Spot Gel

We all aspire to have clear skin devoid of acne and blemishes. MamaEarth TeaTree Spot Gel Face Cream is the ideal pick with goodness of Tea Tree, Licorice extract and Salicylic Acid. It clears clogged pores, reduces acne and prevents post-acne marks.

What is it? Acne spot treatment

Who can use it? All skin types for reducing red or pus-filled pimples

Sensitive skin: Can be used on acne as a spot treatment. Start gradually by applying 5 minutes and then increase the contact time.


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MamaEarth TeaTree Spot Gel Benefits :

Reduces acne: MamaEarth TeaTree Spot Gel is a spot treatment that reduces your acne with the help of ingredients like

  • Tea Tree oil possesses anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It inhibits acne-causing bacteria.
  • Salicylic Acid unblocks the clogged pores and reduces excess oil production. It acts as a great skin exfoliant.
  • Licorice extract reduces redness and prevents dark spots left after acne.

Reduces acne scars: MamaEarth TeaTree Spot Gel reduces skin redness and swelling owing to anti-inflammatory action. In addition, Licorice extract prevents post-acne skin darkening.

Soothing effect on the skin:  Licorice extracts have a calming and moisturizing effect on the skin.

MamaEarth TeaTree Spot Gel Side Effects

It has no side effects but it might irritate sensitive skin types.

How to use it?

This is an acne spot treatment to be applied to red or pus-filled pimples twice a day. If you notice redness or irritation, wash it off. next time, you can gradually increase the time and leave it overnight.

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Additional information


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Acne & Blemishes

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