Crescina HFSC Hair regrowth therapy

Crescina HFSC Hair regrowth therapy

Crescina® HFSC (human follicle stem cell) is a product of  Labo, Switzerland that has Swiss patent technology to aid in hair re-growth. It has 2 different variants man and woman. Crescina HFSc has a patented transdermal drug delivery system that delivers the product right next to the hair roots.

What is it? Hair re-growth therapy

Who can use it? If you have severe hair fall and thinning, then you can try this product

Goodies: It has a Swiss patent that helps in delivering ingredients near the germinative centre of the hair.

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How does Crescina® HFSC promote hair growth?

Crescina® HFSC works in the following ways:

  • Crescina helps activate the dormant stem cells in the germinative part of the hair follicle.
  • Keratinisation is stimulated by amino acids cysteine, lysine, and a glycoprotein (lectin).
  • Microcirculation is stimulated by benzyl nicotinate.
  • It has a patented HFSC complex of hydrolysed rice protein and corosolic acid.
  • Stimulate the growth of hair follicles with the help of Copper tripeptide- 1.

What patent does Crescina HFSC have?

Crescina® has patented technology that delivers the active ingredients to your hair roots. Swiss Patent CH 711 466 promotes the release of the active ingredients into the scalp as shown below:

The challenge with hair growth is that hair roots lie in the second layer of skin. Medicine does not reach easily here. Mesotherapy and PRP injections are often recommended for hair regrowth in moderate to severe cases. Crescina has patent technology that can do the same without requiring injections.

What are the various variants HFSC?

Crescina HFSC is available in 3 concentrations:

  • Crescina HFSC 200 – for mild hair loss
  • Crescina HFSC 500 -for moderate hair loss
  • Crescina HFSC 1300- for severe hair thinning and baldness.

How to decide which variant is for you?

The type of variants depends on the hair fall severity and type. We usually recommend Grade 3 to our patients.

How to use Crescina?

It has two types of vials:

  • amber-coloured vials promote hair re-growth.
  • transparent vials stop hair breakage.

Each vial contains 3.5 ml of serum. You have to use an amber and white vial on an alternate day for five days with two days break.

Week 1:

  • Monday, Wednesday, and Friday: Amber vials
  • Tuesday, Thursday: White vial

Week 2:

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday: White vial
Tuesday, Thursday: Amber vial

And so on….

Watch the video below to learn the correct method of applying the Crescina.

Crescina contains a mild vasodilator that feels like heat on the scalp and reddens the skin for a short time.

Each box contains 10+10 vials. One vial has 3.5 ml of product. However, 1 ml is enough if your hair loss is not extensive. In this case, one pack lasts for three months.

Who can use Crescina?

Crescina HFSC can be used in the following cases:

  • For any case of hair fall, if you can afford it. Creciana has no side effects and can help you regain the lost hair.
  • Your hair fall does not stop with the best bio-peptide serum.
  • As an alternative to PRP sessions or mesotherapy.
  • Minoxidil causes itching, headache, irritation or palpitations from using Minoxidil.
  • If you experience acute shedding of hair fall on starting Minoxidil therapy.


Where can I buy Crescina®?

It is not available in India currently. You can buy Crescina® is available online at


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