Fungal infection of skin also called ringworm, tinea or daad is rising in India. Not only that it is not responding to treatments easily.

The main causes of the increase and resistance of fungal infections are:

  • Application of steroid creams on ringworm.
  • Overuse of antibiotics
  • Use of insecticide and pesticides has increased the level of fungal spores in the environment.
  • Fungal elements are not getting destroyed easily and are found to survive on toilets seats, bedding, shoes, clothes, nails etc.
  • Incomplete treatment.

Watch this video by Dr Surbhi to know how to cure your fungal infection permanently:

I hope you would follow the instruction given in the above video. Please share this article with others and help us reduce the spread of fungal infection by stopping misuse of steroid creams.



Dr Surbhi has many awards to her credit. She is a triple Gold medalist and university topper during her medical graduation. She is the founder of website  After spending 5 years overseas, Dr Surbhi has opened Dermatocare skin clinic in Panchkula with strong patient-oriented principles.


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