Regrow hair naturally in 3 months: Dermatologist Recommended

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regrow hair naturally in 3 months

Regrow hair naturally in 3 months: Dermatologist Recommended

Doctor can I regrow hair in 3 month naturally?

Yes you can! Most case of hair loss are reversible, until unless you are too late! Hair takes 3 months to emerge from the hair roots. Therefore 10 day oils or miracle cures are unlikely to work. There is no quicker fix for hair regrowth!

In this article, I am sharing a plan to regrow your hair in 3 months. This approach has worked for thousands of patients at my clinic. There are 3 components of re-growing your hair naturally in 3 months:

  • Hair care routine
  • Oral supplements
  • Diet

Each component of this plan is essential. If you miss anyone then it won’t work. Are you ready to regrow hair naturally in 3 months?

Hair care routine to regrow hair in 3 months

We advocate 4-steps hair care routine to regrow hair. This includes Bio-peptides and certain proven natural ingredients can boost up the growth of new hair.

In addition, harsh chemicals can damage your hair. This can increase hair fall. Products listed in our hair care routine are gentle. They provide deep nourishment and support to the newly growing baby hair. This 4-steps hair care routine also improves the overall quality of hair.

The hair growth is visible by first month in mild cases. But in severe cases, growth takes 3 months. We recommend continuing hair re-growth products until normal hair density is achieved. Products listed are safe for long term use.

Step 1: Hair oil

Hair oil works because of prolonged contact with scalp. Apply oil starting from the hair roots to the tip.In case of dry hair, overnight application is best. While in oily hair, put oil 2-3 hours before hair wash.


Mamaearth onion hair oil

Indulekha bringha oil

StBotanica Moroccan Argan Hair Oil


Step 2: Hair re-growth shampoo

Wash your hair with gentle hair re-growth shampoo. Patient often ask me “Doctor how often should I wash my hair? Wash your hair as soon as they get oily, dirty or sweaty to avoid build up. Wash them daily in case of oily hair, or if you work out. While twice or thrice a week is enough for dry hair.


Imaxia Plus Hair Straightening Shampoo 

SebaMed Anti-Hairloss Shampoo

BONTRESS Hair Revitalising Shampoo

Step 3: Apply hair conditioner

Apply conditioner on strands. Conditioner seals hair strands with silicone coating. This adds shine and protect the hair.


Mamaearth BhringAmla Conditioner

Brillare Hair Fall Control Hair Mask

OGX Biotin & Collagen Volumizing Conditioner 


Step 4: Redensyl serum to regrow hair

This is most effective step. Studies show that hair serum with biopeptide like Redensyl, Angain, Procapil etc. can grow hair in 3-6 months. You should apply bio-peptide serum on hair roots twice a day for 3 months

Most people take easy path. They put serum only after washing hair or once a day. This might not show results.

Correct application is important. Put 1 ml of of serum in the cap of bottle. Use your fingertips to apply the serum of hair roots. Start from area with maximum baldness. Do not put serum on wet or oily hair. Before putting serum, dry your hair with towel. Put oil after 30 minutes of applying hair serum.



Minimalist Hair Growth Actives 18% Serum

Crescina hair regrowth Therapy

StBotanica Hair Revival Serum

Supplements to regrow hair in 3 months:

Any kind of vitamin, minerals or protein deficiency reflects on the health of hair. Therefore, dermatologists recommend checking levels of Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, Ferritin (Iron stores) in case of severe or chronic hair fall.

Most people make mistake of using Biotin for hair growth. There is no scientific evidence for this. A right hair re-growth vitamins not only causes hair growth, but also boosts your energy, improves immunity and aids in skin health.


Hair folic by Vitabiotic is good option. It comes in 2 variants:

Wellwoman hair folic for females

Wellman hair folic for males

Trichospire hair kit is a wholesome supplement that has herbs, vitamins, minerals, amino-acid and omega – 3 fatty acid for hair re-growth. It available in 2 variants:

Trichospire hair kit M- for Males

Trichospire hair kit F- for Females

You should take hair supplement for atleast 3 months. Continue for 6 months if your hair fall does not stop. This means that you are have still not made up for the deficiency.

Many of my patients with hair eat healthy. But there diet is not essentially balanced. Deficiency of proteins, calories and omega 3 fatty acid is common especially in vegetarian diet. Non vegetarians who eat non-veg once or twice a week, also fall into same group.

If you don’t have time to incorporate elaborate diet suggestion in next section, then you should take plant based protein supplement in addition to a hair regrowth vitamin.


OZiva Superfood Plant Protein

bGREEN Muscleblaze Vegan Plant Protein Powder

Boldfit Plant Protein Powder

Diet to regrow hair in 3 months:

Eating diet that promote hair re-growth is crucial. Do you know why? Because even if you eat best hair supplements or apply bio-peptide serum, they will fail to show effect of don’t supply enough nutrition to your hair form inside.

If you are losing hair despite eating healthy, then you really need to look at your diet closely. You need to hit atleast 1800 cals/day in case of females and 2000 cals/day in males (without workout).

Next important watchout is proteins. We really don’t want you get your cals from unhealthy sources. Females need 50 g and males need 60 g of proteins in a day.

If you work out, then add extra cals and proteins. Burning more cals then consuming might not be good idea, when your hair is shedding. It means your body is compromised. This won’t show up until 3 months. Do not aim for more than 2-3 kg weight loss per month.

>>>Click here for complete diet plan to regrow hair.

Lastly, above plan to re-grow hair in 3 months might not work in following cases:

  • If you have untreated hormonal issues like hypothyroidism or PCOS
  • Male and female pattern baldness patient would need Minoxidil instead or serums.
  • Severe vitamin deficiencies: If your blood test show deficiency, than consult dermatologist for correction. Multivitamins do not correct deficiencies, they just provide amount of vitamin and minerals needed in a day called as RDA.

Consulting a dermatologist is recommended for all severe or chronic cases of hair fall. Dr Surbhi, MD Skin also provides online consult for hair fall. Call at 7347594947 to book your appointment.

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