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Genital care

If you are male, read this!

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If you are male, read this!

Taking care,“down there” is not a tough job in the case of men; all you need to do is avoid overdoing. Here in this article, we concentrate on a list of simple do’s and don’ts which can help you in not only keeping yourself hygienic but also healthy and ever confident.


Understanding the genital anatomy

Male genitals consist of the penis, which in turn has a shaft and head. The head of the penis is covered with a delicate fold of foreskin. Unlike females, males pass urine and semen from the same opening that is situated on the head of the penis. It ‘s okay to have few to several small white bumps on the rim of penis head called as pearly penile papules. Behind the penis, there is a thin fold of skin called as scrotum which holds the testis. The testes require cooler temperature than your body and hence any activity that can increase the temperature of the scrotal area should be avoided.


Is it normal to have discharge underneath my foreskin?

Yes! At the time of puberty, the gland situated in the head of the penis secret a lubricant which gets mixed with dead skin cells and gets collected underneath the foreskin as whitish discharge called asSmegma.

How do I clean “down there”?

All you need to do is clean penis and scrotum with running water during bath. Remove Smegma that collects underneath the foreskin by pulling it back and also ensure the fold of skin between the penis and scrotum is clean and dry. You should avoid excessive scrubbing, overzealous cleaning, antiseptics, perfumed products, wipes; rather anything beyond lukewarm water and mild cleanser is not recommended. Pat drying the folds with a separate towel or disposable tissue and wearing loose fitted cotton underwear that allows air circulation would keep the bacterial and fungal infections at bay.


Is it important to remove hair in my pubic area?

Pubic hair is meant to protect the genitals, but they do need regular trimming. However, you have to be careful while trimming or shaving the hair off the delicate skin of the scrotum. Please avoid using depilatory creams as it can burn the delicate skin. LASER hair removal is another method that is gaining popularity.


When should I visit the doctor?

Here is a comprehensive list of common alarming signs that warrants an expert opinion:

  • If the discharge is increasing in amount or looks like pus especially if associated with pain and soreness, you might be having an infection.
  • Little itching now and then in private parts is normal, but excessive itching that makes you uncomfortable can be due to dermatological diseases.
  • Any kinds of raw area, fluid filled lesions, growth, bumps needs immediate attention.
  • Any pain during intercourse is abnormal, report to your doctor.
  • Any change in erection pattern and ejaculation, if persistent needs an expert opinion.


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