A baby in your life can quite literally change your life, and knowing what is right and bad for your newborn baby becomes increasingly important.

All the more care needs to be taken when it comes to newborn babies because, they cannot express verbally about things that are bothering them, thereby leaving it to the parents to interpret their cries and smiles. This article tends to the readers who want to have an upper hand in understanding their child’s needs.

A baby in the womb of the mother is used to the warm and moist environment as their skin is dipped in water called as amniotic fluid during the nine months of pregnancy. When the baby enters the real world, his/her skin faces a number of challenges as tabulated below-  

  • Environment change: The moist and warm skin of the baby in the womb is exposed to exactly the opposite of dry and cold environment just after delivery; more so because of the increased use of air conditioners or heating without humidifiers.
  • Dryness: The skin of the baby is drier than adults because it has less natural moisturising factors and has the tendency to lose them very easily. Here comes the role of bathing and oiling your baby in the right way.
  • Frequent soiling: The constant soiling due to urinating and defecating and also the frequent exposure to cleansers and water make their skin drier and sometimes even flaky and red leading to diaper rash.
  • Alkaline pH: The pH of an adult skin is acidic which helps in protecting against germs while the baby skin has higher or alkaline pH. This alkalinity is further increased if we use alkaline soaps for bathing.
  • Non-functional sweat glands: The sweat glands of babies are still not fully functional, so they are more likely to get prickly heat when they are exposed to high temperatures.
  • Inability to conserve body heat: Similarly, babies are more prone to damage because of cold temperature as they are still learning to conserve their body heat during the cold weathers. This maintaining of optimum temperature around 24- 28 degree Celsius is important for your little one.
  • More body folds: Babies have more folds on their skin (especially on the neck and thighs) and over that they are unable to wipe off sweat and dust in these folds making this area prone to fungal and bacterial infection.
  • Diaper area: Diaper area of babies is exposed to urine and faeces very frequently and hence frequent or wrong cleansing can make this area prone to Diaper dermatitis.
  • Weak skin barrier: The infant skin barrier is still evolving and hence certain substances can be absorbed easily through the skin into the blood.

Thus, the skin of your baby needs special care while bathing, as highlighted in the article, How To Give Baby Bath And Use Baby Oil- Know Form A Dermatologist Mother

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