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“Doctor, my skin is red and irritated? I have a sunburn?  My skin is itching or burning for no reason? Is there any home remedy for sensitive skin?”

When your skin is irritated from sunburn, insect bite, rosacea or allergy; then this home remedy can calm your skin.


How to make home remedy for sensitive skin?

In a clean completely dry air tight container, mix the following ingredients:

Ingredients Amount Brand Suggestion
Aloe vera 3 tablespoons Best chemical free aloe vera gel
Rosewater 10 ml Best pure rose water
Calendula oil 10-20 drops

Watch this video for demo:


How to store?

We use aloe vera gel from the market that contains safe preservatives in this soothing gel to extend its shelf life. However, it can go stale easily because the water content of this soothing cream is very high. Therefore, shift a small quantity of this gel in a completely dry air tight container to be kept on bathroom shelf for using as a soothing cream for sensitive skin. Keep the rest of cream in the refrigerator. Refill your room temperature supplies weekly. On the other hand, if you want to use this cream to soothe sunburn or itching, burning, insect bite etc, you can directly apply this cream from refrigerator.

How to use?

For sensitive skin: Read this article,

For soothing sunburn, insect bite, itching etc: Apply small amount cream from the refrigerator and massage gently. Repeat as much time as you like it is completely safe.

What are precautions?

This soothing cream contains the best soothing ingredients. However, rarely they might not suits your irritated skin. Therefore, if you experience redness, irritation, burning, rash or any untoward reaction after using this cream, please discontinue and show to your doctor. Secondly, you have to dig your finger to take this cream out from wide mouth jar. Therefore, make sure that your hand is clean and completely dry.

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