Scrubbing can help in removing dead skin cells by gentle physical exfoliation of dead skin cells. However, harsh scrubbing agents can further destroy the skin barrier and make it more sensitive. Therefore, we will use brown sugar as a scrubbing agent because it is a gentle physical and chemical exfoliator. It has glycolic acid, a chemical exfoliator that works by loosening the bonds between dead and damaged skin cells.

The base of the scrub will depend on your skin type- oils can be used for dry skin, while aloe vera is best for oily skin. So, let us get started!

How to make homemade scrub?

It is super easy to make the homemade facial scrub, all you need to do is take some brown sugar into your palm and pour a small amount of oil (in dry skin) or aloe vera (in oily skin) to brown sugar slightly wet. Mix the two with the index finger of another hand. Massage this scrub on your face for a minute or two. Rinse off and pat dry. Watch the video given below to know more:



What will you need?

Brown sugar: Prefer organic and unrefined brands available on, or

For the base, you can either use

  • Aloe vera especially when your skin is more oily in humid weather or if you have black/whiteheads or pimples. Make sure that you use chemical-free brands of aloe vera as mentioned in the article, Best (chemical free) aloe vera gel: Dermatocare Pick.
  • Oil: If your skin is on the dry side, then you can use one of the following lightweight non-comedogenic oils:
Any one of these 3 Oils Pros Cons Availability
Argan oil Provides sun protection, is rich in anti-oxidants, has soothing and anti-ageing benefits Short shelf life,


Sunflower seed oil Rich in Vitamin A, D, E


Make sure you buy the unrefined one.

Safflower oil Rich in omega 6 fatty acid and essential vitamin

Used often for oil cleansing method

Make sure you buy the unrefined one.



How often can I use this Homemade scrub?

You should use this scrub twice a week.

What are the side effects of this Homemade scrub?

This homemade facial scrub can irritate sensitive and inflamed skin. In fact, scrubbing should be avoided in the inflamed, red, or irritated skin.

How to store?

This homemade facial scrub should be made fresh before use because the wet brown sugar softens into a sticky mass upon storage. All it takes is less than a minute!

Can I add other ingredients?

Though lots of recipes mention the use of lemon juice along with brown sugar, it might not be a good idea because the glycolic acid in brown sugar already has acidic pH. Similarly, honey is too sticky to let the scrubbing agent glide through freely on your skin.


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