Do You See The Glass Half Empty Or Half Full? Stay Happy With DermatocareWritten By Dr Surbhi, MD Skin
Last updated: 24/07/21“I could not keep up to my commitments?” “I am learning to make realistic commitments and I do not repent even if I achieve 80%.” “My child is no more among top ten students in the class?” “My child could not make to top ten but I know he is good at concepts.”“I wish I could reach back home early?”
“I have less time at home, let me give my 100% percent to my family.”

It is all about whether we can see the glass half empty or half full; it could be the glass of our commitments, expectations, plans, or each and every moment of our life. When expectations are not met, we can either lament or realise it is best to expect from oneself than from others. We can either think, “ I am a failure.” or “ I can do better.” We can live life the way it unfolds or pave the way for better tomorrow.

One might argue that seeing the glass always half full is a sign of procrastination or laziness.
There is a little difference between being encouraging to oneself, belittling oneself, or fooling oneself. Only a person of real inner strength can remain in the state of encouragement and move up the ladder of life. Such person sets goals based on which step of the ladder he has reached rather than

Can one drive a car for 100 km by putting just one litre of petrol?

Do you think our body needs gasoline of OPTIMISM to reach our ultimate destination, the abode of Almighty? After all, we all are on the journey to arrive at the Almighty and the key for making this journey enjoyable is to see our glass always half full.

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