Crescina® HFSC (human follicle stem cell) is a product of  Labo, Switzerland that has Swiss patent technology to aid in hair re-growth. It has 2 variants MAN and WOMAN, each further having grade 1,2,3 based on the severity of hair fall. Man and Woman variant have same active ingredients, but woman variant also has Glutamine, Vitamin H and a conditioner that protects the hair from harsh treatments like hair straightening etc. Watch this video to know more:


How does Crescina® HFSC promote hair growth?

Crescina® HFSC works by following main actions:

  • Proliferation of the stem cells:  Crescina helps in activating the dormant stem cells in the germinative part of hair follicle. Therefore, it can stimulating the regrowth of inactive follicle that is not fibrosed yet with the help of patented HFSC complex made of  hydrolyzed rice protein and corosolic acid.
  • Keratinization stimulated by amino acids cysteine, lysine, and a glycoprotein (lectin).
  • Microcirculation is stimulated by benzyl nicotinate.
  • Stimulate the growth of hair follicle: with the help of Copper tripeptide- 1

Further, Crescina® has patented enhancers (Swiss Patent CH 711 466) which promote a gradual and ongoing release of the active ingredients into the scalp as shown below:

The main hurdle in therapy of hair is that hair roots lie in the second layer of skin, where medicine do not reach easily, therefore, procedures like mesotherapy and PRP are done to enhance the process of hair growth. Crescina has patent technology that can deliver the active ingredients right into the hair roots, that too without injections.

How to use Crescina®?

Crescina has two types of products:

Complete hair loss therapy is for stopping hair fall and promote har regrowth. It has 2 types of vials:

  • amber coloured vials contain Crescina Enhanced HFSC that promotes hair re-growth.
  • transparent vials contain Crescina Enhanced Anti-Hair Loss formula stops hair breakage.

Each vials contains 3.5 ml of product and is suitable for an alternate daily use during the first 5 days of the week, followed by a two-day break. Each box containing 10+10 vials allows for a 1-month application, that can be repeated several times a year. A minimum cycle of 2 months is recommended.


Crescina Enhanced HFSC Therapy is for hair thinning only, does not work on hair fall. It has 20 amber coloured vials contain Crescina Enhanced HFSC that promote thickening of existing hair follicle. One vial containing 3.5 ml is applied daily for 5 days with 2 days break.


Watch the video given below to know the correct method of applying the Crescina

Crescina contains a mild vasodilator that feel like heat on scalp along with reddening of the skin for a short time.

Who can use Crescina?

Crescina® can be used in following cases:

  • If money is not an issue, then go for this product even in mild hair fall because it has no side effect can help you regain the lost hair, provided you don’t have any reason for har fall.
  • If you have severe telogen effluvium, you continue to shed lot of hair despite using bio-peptide serum.
  • In cases of Male and Female pattern Baldness, where scalp is visible; you can try Crescina®HFSC for 2 months before going for PRP sessions
  • If you get itching headache, irritation or palpitations from using Minoxidil.
  • If you experience acute shedding of hair fall on starting Minoxidil therapy.
  • If your doctor has advised you Mesotherapy, then you can try Crescina®HFSC because the patented transdermal technology used in this product help in delivering the active ingredients of this serum to the hair roots.

What is the cost of Crescina®?

The cost of one month therapy is 14,000 for grade 2 and 16000 for Grade 3. However, based on our experience with patients, one box is enough for 2 months because one vial has 3.5 ml of solution can be used for 2 days rather than one day.

Where can I buy Crescina®?

You can buy Crescina® is available:

  • Online at,,,
  • The product is available at our clinic for purchase online with Rs 1000 discount and free shipping. If you wish to buy, Kindly WA “buy Crescina” on 7347594947.





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