If you are not sure what is your skin type is, then you probably have combination skin type. Do you know why? Because Combination skin has varied oil secretion patterns over the face, like:

  • oily T-zone (forehead and nose) along with dry to slightly oily cheek.
  • patches of oily and dry skin.
  • sometimes oily and sometime dry.
  • neither oily nor dry.
  • other varied pattern of oil secretion.

If you fall in any of the above category, the mantra to skin care is balancing oil sections so that your skin neither feels oily nor dry, also termed as normal skin type. Normal skin type is the result of the right kind of skin care regime; rarely people are blessed with just the right kind of oil secretions on their skin.

Your Skin and Weather

You might experience drastic changes in your skin with the change in weather:

  • In humid weather, your cheeks might get oily giving you a greasy and shiny look. This is the time when you might get black/white heads and pimples. You might have to shift to skin care regime for oily skin, especially if the skincare regime for combination skin is not controlling the increased oil secretion.
  • In dry weather, your cheeks might feel dry and stretched, thereby giving a patchy and dull look. But your T-zone might still be slightly oily to normal. Your skin might need an extra dose of moisturization as detailed in dry skin care regime.

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Planning a Holiday?

As practical it is to plan a warm holiday destination in winters and cold ones in summers, as justified it will be for your skin because:

  • Holiday in deserts, hills, and on cold windy beaches, along with lengthy air travels might be challenging especially in winters when your skin is already dry.
  • Holiday to hot and humid areas in summers, might lead to breakout of pimples and sensitivity.

You can skip anti-wrinkle/skin lightening cream, scrubs, face pack etc. to keep the regime simple during holidays. Your major focus should be on sun protection. Do not forget to follow the skincare and diet tips recommended Dr Malavika Kohli, top cosmetic dermatologist of India in an interview with Dermatocare.

Your Skin and Age

As skin ages especially post adolescence, oil secretions tend to decrease. Hence, teenage might be the toughest time, when oil secretion is at its peak and so are the pimples. Rarely, pimples and open pores will trouble an individual at a later age.

Disclaimer: Kindly note that the given description is of typical Combination skin type and you may or may not have all the features mentioned above.

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