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Not to forget the non-biodegradable plastics that our gadget are adorned with. Do you like to stay ahead of technology? But where is your last mobile or laptop or TV? Why are we “Plasticising” our daily life? What is the need of changing the phone annually? Why does the refrigerator not last any longer now? We still have 15 year old refrigerators in a little corner of our house; yes it is still working; it is just that it doesn’t matches to the style of the new ones.

How about “plasticizing” kids? Their rooms are loaded with toys or piles of plastic, all to end up in our ecosystem. Let’s us rewind the clock of time back, when kids used to play outside in fresh air. And now play stations have replaced the outdoor games. And parents are puffed up with pride of having the latest one!

The last natural stuff on this earth was “food”, that too is loaded with pesticides and insecticides to stand the wrath of pests and insects, which I guess have become more voracious withstanding the chemicals in soil. And guess what? Our intelligent scientists are genetically modifying the food, altering to the core what nature has been sustaining for so long.

Are we waiting for the authentic proof, similar to the deleterious effect of carbonated drinks? Or are we overlooking the recent change in health patterns and not to forget the global warming?

We all need to sit back and think “Are we contributing to the end of mother earth?”

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