“Doctor, I am getting wrinkles around my eyes, what about those expensive anti-wrinkle creams I have been using?” Anti-aging creams have recently captured the skin care market big time. Is this popularity evidence of their efficacy or does it speaks out loud about the ignorance of customers who get swayed away by flashy advertisements? Well, the answer is anti-aging creams do have a role in anti-aging but do not expect wrinkle-free skin as celebrities. Don’t you think they spend a lot more on their skin?

This article provides anti-ageing cream reviews based on the knowledge and experience of Dermatologist- what to expect and what to dream!

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Can anti ageing cream help in reducing my wrinkles?

In the old age not only wrinkles appear, but also, there are series of other changes occurring as highlighted in the photograph. Most of the changes (Number 1 to 13 in the photograph) occur in the deeper layer of skin called dermis where the anti-wrinkle creams fail to reach in an effective concentration. Thus, the effects of anti-ageing creams is limited to superficial layer of skin and includes:  

  • Reduction in the appearance of fine lines, only with few effective anti-ageing molecules.
  • Delay in the formation of new deeper wrinkles but might not drastically reduce existing wrinkles. Again only a few anti-ageing ingredients have proven efficacy to delay deep wrinkles.
  • Improvement in the texture of skin, giving even toned and smooth look.
  • Improvement of dull and patchy look in dry skin types, with the use of peptide and hyaluronic acid based anti-wrinkle creams.
  • Reduction of oiliness, pimples and open pores in the oily skin, with the retinoid based anti-wrinkle creams.
  • Reduction in dark spots and patches with alpha-hydroxy acid or Vitamin C based anti-wrinkle creams.

Should I apply anti-wrinkle creams regularly?

Yes, you should! Though anti-wrinkle creams do not make drastic changes in your wrinkles, regular use keeps your skin smooth, even-toned, radiant and flawless. Thus, the anti-wrinkle cream should be an integral part of night skin care regime after the age of 25.

How do I choose anti ageing cream from the cosmetic counter?

Here are few tips to choose your anti-wrinkle cream based on your skin type:

  • People with oily skin types should use an anti-ageing formula that contains retinoids in lotion or serum base.
  • For dry skin types, peptide-based anti wrinkles creams (rather than lotion or serum) help in reduction of wrinkles; additional hyaluronic acid might help in moisturising the skin. Also, glycolic acid-based peels and creams aid in exfoliation and hydration of dry skin.
  • People with sensitive skin should also use peptide-based anti-wrinkle formula, in creams base if their skin is dry and in lotion or serum base if their skin is oily. For exfoliation, they should use gentle alpha-hydroxyl acids like mandelic acid. They should avoid retinoids, salicylic and glycolic acids.

Does sunscreen has any role in anti-ageing?

Sunscreens are in fact the best anti-ageing creams because they insure you against 50 to 80% risk of ageing by blocking UV rays from the sun.  Just think why the skin of your thighs looks much younger than your face? To know more about sun protection read our blogs; Skin & Sun & Sunscreens-FAQs!

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