Do you know what is the most inexpensive, easiest and least time consuming way to get the glow on face and vigor in body? It is breathing in the right way “Pranayam”. Dr Andrew explains the science and advantages of Pranayam in his book “Art of Breathing”. He claims that none of the diseases, whether mental or physical, is beyond the benefits of this Pranayam of ancient India and the scientists are yet to study it.

I am not going to details how it works, but yes this little change in your habit might give you immense peace and health besides radiant skin. So, let us get started with this amazingly simple technique to breathe your wrinkles away.

Sit upright:

Choose a silent place, sit on comfortable couch or floor, take the posture you are comfortable with but keep your spine straight and close your eyes.

Get Conscious of your breath:

Begin with paying attention to how you breathe i.e. feel the air moving through your nostrils. It is important to first understand the pattern of breathing before changing it.

Exhale first:

Unlike we do normally; try to exhale first through your nostril until your stomach is sucked inside.

Inhale into abdomen:

Then inhale back to fill up your chest and stomach, so that your belly moves out with each inhalation.

Breathe deeply, quietly and slowly:

Have you ever noticed that your breath becomes fast and shallower when you are tensed or afraid? Repeat the above process slowly, take deep breaths but without making noise as if you are breathing peace into your body.

When can I do this?

Ideally, you should practice this breathing technique; first thing after getting up in the morning and just before sleeping; even 5 minutes each would suffice. Once you get use to such kind of breathing, it can be practiced at any moment especially when you are under stress. Most important is regularity, keep atleast 5 minutes for it twice a day on fixed times.

Does other breathing exercise help too?

Yes!  They do. You can begin with this technique and add another breathing exercises in the morning. YouTube is treasure chest of such videos and demonstrations on “pranayama”.
Let us breathe life not just air into each cell of our body.
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