Acne or pimples might start at the age of 15 and continue till 25 years of age. You cant eat anti-acne medications for 10 years of life! The only way out is to change your diet and follow the skincare routine given in this article.

Skincare routine for acne

Acne-prone skin can be taken care of by CTM  (Cleansing, toning and moisturising) regime 3 times a day. CTM regime involves the following 3 steps:

  • washing face
  • massage rose water
  • put a lightweight moisturiser, only if your skin feels dry.



Step 1: Use face wash for removing excess oils from your skin

Step 2: Spray chemical-free pure rose water on your skin and massage your skin.

Step 3: Put lightweight moisturiser if your skin feels dry, otherwise skip it.

Step 4: Top up with light-weight sunscreen 30 minutes before going out in sun. No need to put sunscreen indoor.



Most of you would feel that your looks greasy and dark by mid-day. If you are at home, repeat the morning skincare routine, but if you are working then follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Wipe your face with cotton dipped with micellar water to remove excess oils and give an instant matt look.

Step 2: Spray chemical-free pure rose water on your skin and massage your skin



Step 1: Use face wash for removing excess oils from your skin

Step 2: Spray chemical-free pure rose water on your skin and massage your skin

Step 3: Put anti-acne product. The choice of product will depend on the number of white/blackheads, red pimples, and pus-filled pimples as discussed in this article: Best acne or pimple remover treatment 


Watch this video to know how to do each step of the CTM regime properly, especially how to wash your face in the right way.


Do’s and Don’t for acne-prone skin

  • Do not use a harsh face wash that makes your skin over dry: I see a lot of patients who first use harsh face wash and then put a cream to moisturise. Well, that’s a disaster for acne-prone skin. Instead, use a face wash that removes excess oils from skin, so that skin feels soft and supple, rather than dry or stretched.
  • Do not wash face again and again: If your skin secrets oil even after using strong face wash, then you need a retinoid-based product to control your oils.
  • Do not layer products: Avoid over-layering of skincare products because they will clog your pores.
  • Do not use sunscreen indoors: Most sunscreens clog your pores, so avoid using sunscreen indoors.
  • Do not pop or squeeze your pimples: It is easy to remove pimples, but very difficult to remove scars left after pimples
  • Do not scrub your face, if you are breaking out.
  • Avoid facials in acne-prone skin.
  • Never sleep without washing your face: Face wash at night is absolutely necessary to remove oil, dust, and pollutants that can clog your pores.
  • Do not put moisturiser, if your skin is hydrated.
  • Do not use thick make-up, instead use a lightweight BB cream
  • Do clean mobile screens daily: Make sure you clean the screen of your mobile phone, if you have acne on the side you hold your mobile phone. The dust, greasy and pollutants on the phone screen can trigger acne.
  • Do yoga daily: Yoga especially Suryanamsakar and pranayam can help in stabilising your hormones.
  • Do consult a dermatologist, if you have many pimples, acne scars or breakouts beyond the age of 25 years.
  • Follow the diet plan for acne-free skin.


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