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Acne 17

Fade your pimples and post-acne marks with help of articles written by Dr Surbhi, MD Skin on acne diet, skincare routine, home remedies and products for acne.


Reverse your ageing clocks with diet, skincare routine, procedures and products recommended by our dermatologist, Dr Surbhi, MD.

Atopic dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis can be prevented by deep moisturization, prevention of triggers and right skincare as discussed here by Dr Surbhi, MD.

Baby skin care

Not sure how to take care delicate skin of your child? Click here to know the right method of giving a bath, applying oil and taking care of the diaper area from Dr Surbhi, MD.

Chapped Lips

Are your lips dry, cracked, chapped and flaking? No matter how much and whichever lip balm you use, they do not improve? Click here to get rid of dry and chapped lips in 5 simple steps.


Chilblains are characterised by red, itchy and swollen toes and fingers caused by rapid cooling of hands and feet during winters. Click here to know how to tackle them from Dr Surbhi, MD.

Combination Skin

Most people with combination or normal skin have neither oily nor dry skin, but few might have varied oil secretion patterns over the face. The right skincare regime can keep your skin young and radiant. To know how click here.


Painful corn, though small can restrict your activity. Know the correct method of using corn cap and corn paint from a dermatologist.


Tired of flakes on your scalp? Here is a complete guide to tackle dandruff at home from Dr Surbhi, MD.

Dark Circles

Did you know there are 4 types of dark circles that have a different approaches for reducing them? Here is a complete dermatologist guide on getting rid of dark circles.

Dermatocare Recommended

Not sure which is the best product? Find the list of best products recommended here after a detailed analysis of ingredients by Dermatocare team!

Dry Skin

Dry skin might look normal, but feels stretched and withered. Know the right skincare regime, products and home remedies to bring life back to your dehydrated skin.


Eczema or dermatitis keeps on coming back despite treatment because you do not remove the triggers. Know how to prevent and treat skin allergy by tips given by Dr Surbhi, MD in this section.

Excessive Hair

Unwanted hair makes you conscious and spoils your confidence. Can you do something about excess hair at home? This section will help you figure it out!

Face 20
Genital care

Genitals need special care! Instead of guessing try the tested method enumerated here!

Grey Hair

Are you greying in ’20s and ’30s? Know the cause, remedies and lifestyle changes before it’s too late!

Hair care

Hair is crowing glory. If they are frizzy, dry or oily, you look unkept. Have a look at our simple hair care regime to tame those strands!

Hair Fall

Hair fall can be stopped by the combination right diet, product, and vitamins listed in this section. Take up our 3-month challenge to re-grow your hair!

Hand And Feet

The skin of hands and feet is thicker and needs special care as discussed in this section!

Head Lice

Lice in hair is a nuisance for the family. Here is a trick to get rid of them.

Home Remedies

Have you tried DIY without results? Well here is your chance to explore home remedies backed by science and tested by dermatologists.

Ingredients Guide

Parabens, BPA, Sulphates, TEA, Phtalates etc. ??? What to avoid know here!

Nail Problems

Nails deserve a shiny look too! Here is your guide to nail care!

Oily Skin

A greasy look can give you a tired look. Know how to keep that matt look going!

Open Pores

Can you really shrink those open pores? Know the reality here!


Dark spots/patches are so sticky that they tend to recur. So, a continuous skin lightening regime throughout life is the key to keeping your skin flawless as discussed in this section.


Living with Psoriasis is not easy! We are here to make your journey easier.

For dermatologist-recommended regimes for each skin type and concern, click here!

Sensitive Skin

A single wrong product can ruin your skin. Know the right way of taking care of sensitive skin here!

Skin care

Skin is an art that can be learnt from an expert! Here is a sneak peek into a dermatologist way of taking care of your skin.

Skin Infections

Fungus, bacteria or viruses on the skin can lead to various infections, Know how to tackle them here!


Sunburn can cause discomfort on a holiday and a dark patch after returning from the trip. Read the tips to prevent and treat sunburn in the right way!


A white patch on the skin can scar your personality. Here are tips, remedies and diet guide to help you!


Warts are viral infections of the skin. They are nasty and tend to recur! Here is a guide to take care of them.

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