Neem Leaves Powder for Skin and Hair- Recipes by Dermatologist

Neem Leaves Powder for Skin and Hair- DIY by Dermatocare




Neem leaves have been in use for treating boils and skin infections in ancient India. The studies also support the benefits of neem leaves in acne. It works by inhibiting the growth of pimple-causing bacteria. I use neem leaves powder for following recipes:

Homemade face wash for oily skin: You might have seen that lot of anti-acne face wash available in the market have neem as an active ingredient. You can reap the same benefits without the use of surfactants, preservatives and chemicals by making this homemade wash for oily skin. It takes just a minute to make and can be stored for 1-3 months on the bathroom shelf, without refrigeration.

Homemade spot treatment for pimples: Neem works by inhibiting acne causing bacteria which is present in red or pus-filled pimples. So, you can put this paste made of raw honey, turmeric, neem etc. as detailed in this 5 Steps Effective Home Remedy For Pimples on red and pus filled pimples. They usually respond within three days.

Homemade anti-acne face pack: This anti-acne face pack has many anti-acne ingredients including neem powder and helps in reducing oil secretions, open pores, black/white heads, red pimples, and pus-filled pimples. You should use it at least once a week for acne prone skin to stop the recurrences. You can choose the recipe based on your skin type by clicking on the links given below:

Homemade anti-septic cream: This home remedy can be used for minor burns, cuts, fever blisters, boils and other bacterial infection. Besides neem, it has tea tree oil, honey and turmeric, for detailed recipe, click Homemade Antiseptic Or Antibacterial Cream



Ingredient Type: Natural
Harmful Ing.: None
Comedogenic Ing.: None
Irritating Ing.: Yes, Do patch test in sensitve skin
Fragrances: Yes
Active Ing.:


Base Ing.: NA
Ingredient list: NA