Bisphenol A (BPA/Bpa) Free Glass Containers For Microwave- Go Green With Dermatocare

Bisphenol A (BPA/Bpa) Free Glass Containers For Microwave- Go Green With Dermatocare


Do you use microwave often? Microwave cooking has some health concerns, but like most of the toxic chemicals, there is lack of concrete evidence. We have considerably reduced the use of microwave at our home to be on safer side, however, more important is NOT to use plastic containers to heat food in microwave. Research shows that leaching chemicals from plastic container into food increases considerable on heating. Thus, shift to glass containers both for storage and heating the food in microwave.

Here are the 5 reasons to using bisphenol A or bpa free glass containers for microwave:

  1. Dangerous for kids and pregnant women: Do you reheat food for your child in plasctic boxes? Numerous studies show that Bisphenol A (BPA/bpa) exposure in womb and childhood might contribute to behavioral problems and early puberty in kids.
  2. Health issues in adults on chronic exposure: Chronic Bisphenol A (bpa) exposure is also implicated in causation of infertility, auto-immunity, PCOD, prostate cancer, heart diseases etc. in adulthood. For detail read, Bisphenol A (BPA/Bpa)- Source, Side Effect And Avoidance Measures 

  3. Prolong contact: You might be storing food in plastic boxes for ease of reheating in microwave. However, longer the contact time, more is the chance of bpa entering into food.

  4. Liquids: The chances of leaching of bpa into liquid is more than solids. Thus, it even more dangerous to heat liquid food like dal and curries in plastic containers.

  5. Safer and better alternatives: Glass container are safer and better alternative because they are inert and do not get stained or smelly after many uses. Unlike, plastic, they look new even after years of usage.

Here is the full list of BPA free kitchen supplies that you must use for healthy family:


Ingredient Type: NA
Harmful Ing.: NA
Comedogenic Ing.: NA
Irritating Ing.: NA
Fragrances: NA
Active Ing.:


Base Ing.: NA
Ingredient list: NA