Best Turmeric Brand For Face & Health: DIY by Dermatocare




Turmeric has been studied extensively for its use not only in the skin, but also health. The cosmetic industry is spending billions to extract active principle of turmeric called curcumin that can be used without staining your face yellow.  Why wait for buying an expensive cream with curcumin when best turmeric brand are available in just a click?

Turmeric has a boatload of scientifically proven benefits like skin-lightening, anti-septic, anti-aging, anti-acne, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, etc. You can view the details in this article, 15 Benefits Of Using Turmeric For Skin- Know From Dermatologist. It has so many benefits that I use it extensively in my homemade skincare products:

1. Skin lightening face pack:

2. Pimples

3. Anti-aging face pack

3. Home-made face wash

4. For Excessive Hair:

5. Antiseptic cream:

The only downside is that turmeric can stain your clothes and skin. So, remember to pat dry your face with a facial tissue rather than towel after using turmeric containing homemade skin care products. Also, don't forget to store turmeric in a cool, dry and dark place.

So, are you ready to buy turmeric for your skin & health? Though, it is available easily, make sure you buy pure organic brand devoid of adulteration. However, this contamination can be ruled out by testing in the lab. Thus, you should look for certifications like USDA, EU, and NSOP (India), ISO, GMP, HACCP, SQF on the pack before buying. 


Ingredient Type: Natural
Harmful Ing.: NA
Comedogenic Ing.: NA
Irritating Ing.: NA
Fragrances: NA
Active Ing.:


Base Ing.: NA
Ingredient list: NA