Best Raw Honey Brand That Benefits Skin: DIY by Dermatocare

Best Raw Honey Brand That Benefits Skin: DIY by Dermatocare


Raw Honey has many skin benefits like anti-acne, anti-aging, moisturising, exfoliating due to its rich composition that outstands the ingredient list of popular anti-wrinkle cream. Not convinced? Read this article, 8 Benefits Of Honey On Skin- Know From Dermatologist.

I use honey in many of my homemade skincare products, for recipes click on the links given below:

1. Pimples

2. Anti-aging face pack

3. Antiseptic cream:


How to make sure that honey is raw or processed?

Honey is time-tested ingredient when it comes to skincare, but did you know you that raw honey benefits are much more than the processed one? Here are few tips to look for raw honey:

  • You can put a drop of the honey on your thumb. If it spreads or spills, it’s not pure. If it stays intact, it’s pure.
  • Secondly, raw honey crystallizes on storage, while processed honed remain like transparent syrup no matter how long you store it. 
  • Raw honey looks milkier and has fine textured crystals; contains flecks made of pollens, honeycomb bits and broken bee wing fragments. On the other hand, processed honey looks lucrative, but is devoid of medicinal ingredients that are destroyed upon heating. Hmm..all that glitters is not gold:-).


Ingredient Type: Natural
Harmful Ing.: None
Comedogenic Ing.: NA
Irritating Ing.: NA
Fragrances: NA
Active Ing.:


Base Ing.: NA
Ingredient list: NA