Arata Zero chemical shampoo review by Dermatocare

Arata Zero Chemicals Unisex Shampoo Review


Arata Shampoo is Soapnut or reetha based shampoo with 2 chemical based mild surfactants Decyl glucoside and Sodium cocoamphoacetate with lots of exotics herbs.



Reetha or soapnut has been used for ages by Indians for washing hair, however, the process is tedious. Reetha can make your hands and hair very dry and if used in high concentration. Therefore, Arata Shampoo is Soapnut or reetha should be used for normal to oily hair.



  • Soapnut or reetha is the main surfactant used in Arata shampoo. Thus, it is the only natural surfactant-based shampoo available in India.
  • It also has 2 mild surfactants namely, Decyl glucoside and Sodium cocoamphoacetate, that might add to cleansing action of reetha. Both these are derived from coconut oil. 
  • Blueberry extract and honeysuckle flower extract might help in calming your sclap.
  • It has natural fragrance derived from the raspberry lime fragrance.
  • Out of 13 ingredients, only 4 are chemical based that too safe and mild.



  • Arata Shampoo might not be a good choice for dry hair because Reetha can be a harsh surfactant if it is in high concentration. Few critical reviews on Amazon also mention this.

  • Arata Shampoo should be used with caution in sensitive skin because reetha and citrus extract might act as an irritant.

  • It is not zero chemical shampoo as claimed because Out of 13 ingredients only 4 are chemical based, but they are safe and mild.

  • It does not mention any preservative on the list, and it is very difficult for the water-based product to stay without preservative for long.



Ingredient Type: Both Natural and Synthetic (few)
Harmful Ing.: None
Comedogenic Ing.: NA
Irritating Ing.: Reetha, citrus extract
Fragrances: Natural
Active Ing.:
Base Ing.: Water and retha
Ingredient list: