5 Ways To Use Vinegar For Cleaning(Dermatocare)

5 Ways To Use Vinegar For Cleaning(Dermatocare)


Are you looking a floor cleaner that keeps ants and houseflies away? How about a toilet cleaner that can bring the shine on tiles back? Or a kitchen cleanser that can wipe away the stains? Vinegar fits into all! Discover the 5 ways to use vinegar for cleaning, at much lower cost that too without any harmful chemicals.

How to use vinegar for cleaning?

  • Floor cleaner- Pour 15 -20 ml of vinegar into bucket of water used for wet mopping. Vinegar not only cleans, but also repels ants and houseflies. Remember, do not use undiluted vinegar on marble floor, granite, wooden or waxed floors. Also, avoid using vinegar over egg stains.
  • Spray cleanser- Fill half of the spray bottle with vinegar and half with water. Spray this mixture on any surface you wish to clean- kitchen shelves, bathroom shelves, mirror, window, dinning table, refrigerator, cooking gas, etc. It works on all.
  • Toilet cleaner- Fill the empty toilet cleaning bottle(with special nozzle) with vinegar and use it as usual to clean the toilet seats.
  • Ant and insect repellant- Spray vinegar on surface were you do want ants, mosquito or other insects to come and take a sigh of relief.
  • For blocked drains- Pour half cup baking soda into the blocked drain, followed by half cup of vinegar. After some time, put large amount of warm water in the drain to force open the clogged part.

What kind of vinegar is used for cleaning?

Cleaning strength vinegar are available in US and UK, but I have found good results with food grade vinegar as well for daily use.

What are the benefits of using vinegar for cleaning?

I have observed following advantages of using vinegar for clening for almost an year now. The floor is much more clean and ants have reduced drastically. In kitchen, vinegar helps in removing stains and repels house flies. In toilet, the shelves are clean and shiny. It works well on wood as well, so I use it for wiping our dinning and other wooden furniture. Besides, good results, I am happy that I am not exposed to harmful chemicals and I am contributing my bit to save the mother earth.

What are the disadvantages of using vinegar for cleaning?

Well, the only thing that I don’t like is the smell of vinegar that lingers on for an hour or so.

Why you should stop using regular household cleansers?

The household cleansers for floor, kitchen, toilet, car etc. contain lot of chemicals that can cause cancer, respiratory disorder, neurological toxicity etc. Are you wondering how these chemicals from cleansers enter into your body? You unknowingly touch floor, kitchen, bathroom shelves, dinning table etc. sprayed with these cleansers and eat food with the same hands. You can inhale these toxins into your respiratory system. Besides being potential risk to your heath, chemicals in these cleansers harm our environment. So, do your bit in safegaurding the health of not only your family but also mother earth, by shifting to greener and better all pupose cleanser for your house. Checkout the links for buying vinegar in the next section!


Ingredient Type: NA
Harmful Ing.: NA
Comedogenic Ing.: NA
Irritating Ing.: NA
Fragrances: NA
Active Ing.:


Base Ing.: Water
Ingredient list: Acetic acid