Red irritated sensitive skin: Skincare routine by dermatologist

Red irritated sensitive skin: Skincare routine by dermatologist

Written By Dr Surbhi, MD Skin

Last updated: 18/05/17

Is your skin red? Does it burns or stings easily on exposure to the sun or harsh products? Have you tried many hypoallergenic products but in vain? Well, it is not your fault, sensitive skin once irritated is so liable to recurrent flares that you have to be VERY cautious while choosing your skin care regime. Let us understand what you should do once your skin is red and irritated.

The most important step is to STOP ALL SKIN CARE PRODUCTS AND PROCEDURES. Yes, I am very serious about this first step.  You are already in the vicious circle of sensitive skin -> Wrong products -> Sensitive skin. The only way to break this vicious cycle is to STOP all skincare products and procedures. Remember "whenever your skin is burning or irritated it is pleading to you leave it alone"

So have you made up your mind to stop all your skin care products? Great! Now, you can start with thie 3 step skincare given below both in the morning and evening:

STEP 1: Use micellar solution to clean your skin

Well, we cannot start homemade cleanser until your skin is calm because it has lemon peel powder that might irritate your skin. The best option is to GENTLY wipe your skin with micellar solution 3-10 times until all dirt and make-up comes out. The end point is when your cotton appears white after wiping your face. Yes, it might sometimes take 10 times to remove make-up, but keep on repeating until NO residue is seen on cotton. There is no need of rinsing.

BRAND SUGGESTION: Bidoerma Sensibio is the only micellar solution that does not contain harsh ingredients and fragrances and has soothing cucumber water. I have scrutinized ingredient list of many micellar solution even luxury brands or with label of hypoallergenic, but they all contain fragrances or irritating ingredients. Click here to read full review and affiliate links of buying Bioderma Sensibio in your country.


STEP 2: Tone with rose water

Now, take some rose water and either spray it on your face or put on your face with hands. Massage it gently until absorbed. The idea is NOT to wipe it but to let it seep into your skin to soothe.

BRAND SUGGESTIONS: Most rose water contain harmful chemicals, for brand suggestion read this article, Pure and Organic Rose Water: Dermatocare Research


STEP 3: Apply homemade soothing cream

After you have done cleansing and toning of your skin, it's time to moisturise it with following:

  • In morning: Put this homemade soothing cream and top up with physical sunscreens. However, if your skin cannot tolerate sunscreens, then follow the alternative method of sun protection as listed in this article, Sun protection methods- know from dermatologist
  • At night: Put homemade soothing cream again. It os made of 3 best soothing ingredients namely- aloe vera, rose water and calendula oil and can be prepared in just one minute. Check out the recipe by clicking on this link, Soothing Cream- Dermatocare's Homemade Skin Care Products. This cream might feel little sticky because of aloe vera gel, but it does not clog your pores. You can apply this cream two times until your skin gets calmer.


  • Rarely, even above products might NOT suit red or irritated skin. Thus, if your experience burning, irritation or redness during STEP 1,2,3 then, only option left is to see a dermatologist because your skin badly needs medication to calm.
  • Avoid scrubs and face pack until your skin gets calm.
  • You can use physical sunscreens that suits your skin, before stepping out in the bright sun. However, best is to cover your skin with thick cloth.
  • To know the complete list of precautions for sensitive skin, read this article Best skin care products for sensitive skin: know from dermatologist