Skin whitening face pack for dry skin: DIY by Dermatologist

Skin whitening face pack for dry skin: DIY by Dermatologist

Written By Dr Surbhi, MD Skin

Last updated: 29/05/17

Are you looking for a face pack for dry skin that can replenish the lost natural moisturising factor of your skin? How about getting skin whitening as an additional benefit? This face pack is for you because it moisturises your skin with oats and milk and helps in skin whitening with the help of Aloe Vera, Licorice (or mulethi or Yashtimadu), Lemon, Papaya and Cucumber.

What will you need?


Where to buy?

1. Milk

Fresh milk is best

2. Chickpea flour

Buy online by clicking on this link:

3. Licorice powder

Buy online by clicking on this link:

4. Aloe vera

Use fresh aloe vera or buy one of these  Best (chemical free) Aloe vera gel

5. Papaya

Take papaya just beneath the peel and mash it.

6. Cucumber

Take a slice of cucumber and grate it.

7. Lemon

Cut lemon and squeeze 5 drops.


How to make?

Mix the following ingredients in a clean bowl:



1. Oats

4 spoons (grind to fine powder)

2.  Milk

 Enough to make paste

3. Licorice or Mulethi  

1/4 spoon

4. Aloe vera

1/4 spoon

5. Mashed Papaya

1/2 spoon

6. Grated cucumber

1/2 spoon

7. Lemon

5 drops

How to use?


What are the side effects?

This skin lightening face pack has many potent ingredients, which could cause irritation, as is common for sensitive skin. Thus, always perform the patch test before the first use. Secondly, do not expose your skin to harsh sunlight after using this face pack, because the lemon in it might react, and cause irritation.


How to store?

This face pack cannot be stored.


Who can use this face pack?

You can try this face pack if your skin type is dry and your primary skin concern is pigmentation. As a dermatologist and expert in skin care, I would like to bring to your notice that do not try a home remedy just because it worked your friend or you have that particular ingredient at home. The choice of skin care product and home remedy depends on 2 factors:

  • your skin type: oily, dry or combination.

  • your key skin concern: pigmentation, wrinkles or acne.

You can take advantage of our product finder tool to find the best product/remedy based on your skin type and concern. Needless to say, that using a wrong face pack can be more damaging because the ingredients stay on your skin for a prolonged time. Therefore, use the table given below to find the best face pack for your skin:





Oily skin

Homemade anti-acne face pack for oily skin

Skin lightening face pack for oily skin 


Anti-aging face pack for oily skin


Combination skin

Homemade anti-acne face pack for combination skin


Skin lightening face mask for combination skin


Anti-aging face pack for combination skin


Dry skin

See dermatologist because most anti-acne ingredients can irritate dry skin

Skin lightening face pack for dry skin 

 (present article)

Anti-aging face pack for dry skin



Why these ingredients?

All the skin-lightening ingredients used in this face pack have following studies to back up their efficacy:


In the end, I would like to emphasise that this single face pack might not be enough, you should follow this 5 step skincare routine for reducing dark patches or lightening your skin tone.