Homemade Face Pack For Dry Skin: DIY recipe form Dermatologist

Homemade Face Pack For Dry Skin: DIY recipe form Dermatologist

Written By Dr Surbhi, MD Skin

Last updated: 25/10/18

Dry skin might look normal, but it feels uncomfortable to have dry skin. People with dry skin often complain of a feeling of dryness and stretch on their face, and they need to put moisturiser again and again. Therefore, I use oats, milk and avocado oil in this homemade face to replenish the lost natural moisturizing factors of your dry skin. The active ingredients in this homemeade face pack are customised to get rid your main skin concern like dark patches or aging skin as discussed below.

For Dark patches:

If your main concern is pigmentation in the form of dark patches, tanning, freckles, dark spots on your dry face, then you should add skin lightening ingredients like aloe vera, licorice, saffron, sandalwood, etc. to your homemade face pack. For detailed recipe click, Homemade Skin Lightening Face Pack For Dry Skin.

For Wrinkles:

If you are post 30 years of age and have fine lines, wrinkles, age spots or sagging skin along with dry skin on your face, then you can add anti-aging ingredients pack like green tea, licorice, coffee, aloe vera, etc. to your homemade face pack. To see the full recipe, click: Homemade Anti-Aging Face Pack For Dry Skin.

Acne Prone skin:

It is very rare to have pimples, black/white heads and open pores in dry skin, but if you have these issues you might be having combination skin and you can use homemade anti-acne face pack for combination skin to reduce your pimples.

If you have multiple skin concerns, like pigmentation, wrinkles, pimples, rosacea etc. on your dry skin, then you should consult a dermatologist for formulating your skincare regime.