Stop Your Hair Fall In 3 Steps

Step 2 Diet For Hair Re-growth

Did you know right diet can help in hair-regrowth.Watch this video to know about role of diet in hair re-growth:

8 Foods for hair regrowth along
with recipes

Chickpeas (safed/kala chana):

1 bowl of chickpeas provides approximately 10 g of protein, along with calcium, zinc, iron and Vitamin C. You can either make curry or mixed vegetable salad with chickpeas as shown below:

Mung beans (moong sabut dal)

1 bowl of Mung beans provides approximately 10 grams of proteins, along with fibres, magnesium, iron, zinc, and amino acids. You can either make curry or even better try this super healthy salad with multiple health benefits


Vegetables like Broccoli, sweet pepper, spinach, avocadoes, peas are not only rich in proteins, but also provides vitamin, minerals, and antioxidants. This vegetable stir fry comes with goodness of mushrooms:


1 serving of oats (30 gm ) with milk provides 12 gm of proteins along with fiber, Vitamin B1, minerals and antioxidant. You can add nuts and seeds to oats as shown below:


1 bowl of soyabean provides approximately 8 gm of protein along with omega 2 fatty acid, anti-oxidants, Vitamin B1, Vitamin K, Molybdenum, copper etc. However, avoid high intake because it might suppress your thyroid gland, or cause diarrhea. You can try this tangy soya chunk recipe:


One serving of Paneer(30 gm) provides 7 gm of proteins along with calcium and phosphorus. Paneer is integral part of many Indian dishes and starters. Try to include panner dish atleast 2-3 times a day.


Eat 5 soaked almonds, 1 walnut, 5 raisins and 1 fig daily to promote hair re-growth.


Mix chia seeds, sunflower seeds and fax seeds in equal amount. You can eat half spoon alone or add to oats, salads, smoothies, curd or lassi.

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