Does Ayurveda has cure for Vitiligo?


Does Ayurveda has cure for Vitiligo?

Vitiligo/Leucoderma is characterised by the development of white patches on the skin; though a harmless skin problem, Vitiligo can affect your self-confidence. Ayurveda has shown promising results by treating the person as the whole and not the disease per se.

It is an honour to have DR.GAURANG JOSHI, International Ayurveda Physician and expert Ayurveda Dermatologist to enlighten us about the Ayurvedic aspect of Vitiligo/Leucoderma Diet, Cause, And Cure. You can consult him online or book an appointment @

Dermatocare: What is Vitiligo according to Ayurveda?

Dr Joshi: Charak Samhita, the classical Ayurvedic literature, describes Leucoderma as white leprosy, which is known as Shvitra or Kilasa.

Dermatocare: What causes Vitiligo according to Ayurveda?

Dr. Joshi: According to Ayurveda, following are the primary causes for Vitiligo:

  • Improper hygiene.
  • Inappropriate food combinations (For more details, click here).
  • Junk foods and drinks.
  • Excessive exposure to insecticide, pesticide, erosive chemicals.
  • History of jaundice, Sannipata type of fever (Typhoid).
  • Misuse of Ayurveda detoxification therapies.
  • Suppression of natural urges.
  • Excessive physical exercise in the hotter climate or exposure to heat.
  • Intake of cold items after exposing to heat or physical exertion.
  • Stress and trauma.
  • Intake of fatty, spicy foods and drinks during indigestion.
  • Psychological qualities like untruthfulness, ungratefulness, insulting the preceptors, sinful acts, past life deeds.
  • Incompatible foods and drinks.
  • Ayurveda does agree that this condition can also have hereditary factors
  • Drug Induced-Antibiotics, Anti Koch’s treatment, NSAIDS, etc.

Dermatocare: Is there any role of diet in Vitiligo? What are your recommendations for Vitiligo diet?

Dr Joshi: Yes, of course, the role of Diet is the important aspect of Vitiligo treatment. Avoiding Inappropriate food combinations is a must for Vitiligo. For more details, click here.

Dermatocare: Is there a cure for Vitiligo in Ayurveda?

Dr Joshi: According to Ayurveda there are certain diseases that come under the category of Yapya (manageable). However, certain criteria has been described by our Acharya Charak for the curability of Vitiligo are as under:

Vitiligo is curable when…

  • The hair color on the patches is not white
  • The patches are in less number.
  • The patches are not connected with each other.
  • The patches have recently occurred.
  • We can manage Vitiligo with Ayurvedic treatment protocols that include- Diet, Lifestyle Management, Stress Management, Ayurveda Panchakarma Treatment, Herbs, Yoga, and Meditation. A patient can become asymptomatic with these protocols. However, the patient has to follow the diet, lifestyle and stress management throughout one’s life.

Dermatocare: Please recommend some natural therapy for Vitiligo that can be tried at home?

Dr Joshi: Diet and lifestyle recommend by Ayurveda physician can be tried at home. You can try this remedy at home only under the guidance of qualified Ayurveda Physician because it might cause severe skin reaction when used inappropriately. This treatment involves the use of Bavachi oil along with natural sunlight, but for further details, you should consult qualified Ayurveda Physician.

Dermatocare: What kind of Vitiligo treatment is given in Ayurveda?

Dr Joshi: Vitiligo treatment in Ayurveda includes:
Diet: Avoiding inappropriate food combinations is a must.
Life Style Management: Stress Management is critical, for details click here.
Internal Purification with the help of Ayurveda Panchakarma (Specially Virechana Treatment, Blood letting, Shirodhara for Stress Management, Abhyanga(Massage) with Herbal oil to moisturise the skin, etc.). Acharya Charaka has said: “Punah Punah Shodhan” which means often and often. This indicates the requirement of purification for disease-free survival, and this is the best line of treatment in Vitiligo. All the mentioned above must be done under a qualified Ayurveda Physician.
Some Herbal Formulations- Ayurveda has some herbs that are very good for skin diseases both for internal use and for external application.
Yoga and Meditation for the management of stress in addition to the Panchakarma Treatment.

Dermatocare: What is the average duration of Vitiligo treatment in Ayurveda?

Dr Joshi: It depends on the chronicity, location of the spot, family history of the disease. As per Acharya Charak’s guideline for the treatment of Vitiligo “Minimum 1.5 to Maximum 3.5 years treatment depending upon the variety of the spot and with strict diet management is essential for Vitiligo.”


I would like to warn patients not to go for Ayurveda treatment from an unauthentic Ayurveda Doctors who are claiming to cure Vitiligo and other diseases. Nor do any treatment by reading articles in newspapers or on internet, consultation with a qualified Ayurveda Physicians only for better quality and ethical treatment is a must.

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