“Doctor, I have enough time for my skin, but my son does not have any time, what kind of skin care routine he should follow?” Skin care routine can be tailored not only based on skin type and concerns but also based on time, effort and money you wish to invest on your skin as detailed in this article.

  • Basic Skin Care Regime – If you do not use any specific skin care products on your face and wash your face with the same soap while bathing, then I recommend you to embark on the journey of skin care by following basic skin care regime, that involves using face wash rather than soap for your face, but twice a day.
  • Advanced Skin Care Regime– If you are already using specific products like face wash or skin lightening or anti-ageing creams, I recommend you to begin with Advanced skin care regime that consists of washing your face twice a day followed by day cream and night cream. I would help you choose your products more wisely and guide you on how and when to use them. Once you get use to these three steps, you can choose to add a scrub and face pack on your cosmetic shelf (Expert Skin Care Regime).
  • Expert Skin Care Regime– If skin care is a part of your daily routine and you use products like face packs, scrubs, toners or go to the parlors, we recommend you to start right away with our Expert five steps skin care regime. Besides washing your face twice a day followed by day cream and night cream, you can use a scrub followed by face pack once or twice a week. I truly appreciate the effort you are putting into keeping your skin young and radiant; and it would be my privilege to help you make intelligent decisions when it comes to building your cosmetic shelf.
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