Dark/brown patches are very resistant to treatment and need constant care in the form of sun protection, skin lightening creams and procedures. Nevertheless, it is very important to find the cause or trigger factors behind getting the dark patches. We highly recommend consultation with dermatologist for effective solutions to lighten the dark/brown patches on your skin.

Today we have Dr Nilayini to answer queries regarding dark/brown patches on skin. Dr Nilayini has many awards to her credits- Best Consultant in Cosmetic Surgery & Cosmetic Dermatology in South India, Women Entrepreneur of the year 2013, Outstanding Contribution in Skin Care Innovation, Peak of Success Awards 2014 at USA to name few. She can be reached at https://www.bluskincosmetology.com/index.php.

Dermatocare: What are the most common causes of dark/brown patches on skin India?

Dr Nilayini: Dark/Brown patches could be multi-factorial. Few main factors why one develops pigmentation are:

  • Constant Sun Exposure
  • UV Radiation
  • Systemic Illnesses (Example, Renal)
  • Hormonal Factors (Example, Thyroid)
  • Type 4 /Type 5 Skin
  • Stress
  • Alcohol & Nicotine
  • Hair Colors
  • Drugs (Few Antibiotics, Oral contraceptive pills and etc.
  • Strong Cosmetics

Dermatocare: What kind of diet can help in reducing dark/brown patches on skin?

Dr Nilayini: Foods that contain Anti-oxidants, foods that are rich in carotenes, leafy vegetables, non-spicy foods can help. But there is no proper evidence that taking particular diet can help in reducing dark/brown patches.

Dermatocare: What kind of treatment is given for patients with dark/brown patches on skin?

Dr Nilayini: Before any treatment, first thing is

  • Everyone should avoid UV Exposure by using sunscreen (of SPF 35 and above).
  • De-stress.
  • Avoiding spicy foods and alcohol.


  • Proper evaluation of the patient which can help to diagnose the right reason why one has developed pigmentation is the key. Since the pigmentation can also be caused by systemic illnesses, treating the cause can also help in reducing the pigmentation.
  • Topical treatments with steroids and hydroquinones are helpful in treating brown patches and dark spots but these should be done under strict supervision of a doctor, as they have potential side effects.
  • Apart from that, Lasers are of immense help especially, US FDA approved Q Switch Lasers. These lasers can target the melanocytes and control the production of melanin. Multiple sessions may be required depending upon the severity of the pigmentation.
  • Deep chemical peels also are of help.Example: TCA peels, Phenol Peels and etc.
  • These days PRP is also used to treat pigmentation. Though PRP may not directly target the melanocytes, it may help in stimulation of new cells in the skin which may have indirect effects on the pigmentation. PRP especially helps when it is given as a combination with the lasers. For more details on PRP therapy, click here.
  • Apart from that IPL lasers also are of good help in treating pigmentation.

Dermatocare: Dark patches are common during pregnancy, what kind of treatment due you recommend during pregnancy?

Dr Nilayini: Brown patches during pregnancy is mainly due to hormonal changes in the body. So most of the times, these pigmentation patches subside post-delivery without any treatments. But mild to moderate peels can be given under the supervision of the doctor during pregnancy. Strictly no lasers are advised during pregnancy.

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