Are your lips dry, cracked, chapped and flaking? No matter how much and whichever lip balm you use, they do not improve?  Could you be suffering from a vitamin deficiency? Are there any home remedies for chapped lips? Well, if the previous statement portrays your condition, then this article will help you to get rid of dry and chapped lips in 5 simple steps.

STEP 1: Apply right kind of lip balm several times a day

Lip balms help in hydrating your lips and would be more effective if you apply them after your meals and before sleeping. Choosing the right lip balm is important because som lips balms have irritants like preservatives, flavours, fragrances, urea, fruit extracts, menthol, camphor, etc. You should also avoid lip balms with SPF if your lips are chapped and flaking because of the chemical present in the sunscreen which can further irritate them. However, you can instead use the lip balm that contains physical sunscreens like zinc oxide or titanium dioxide as the sunscreen agent. Wondering how will you scan through the ingredient list of so many lip balms? Check out, Dermatocare reviews on lip balms.  

STEP 2: Avoid all possible Irritants

Dry lips are more prone to irritation as the basic protective skin barrier is missing, so we need to eliminate or substitute all the possible irritants like lipsticks, mouthwash, acidic or spicy food. In general, you should avoid anything that causes burning, redness or irritation on your dry lips.

STEP 3: Use this simple and highly effective home remedy

I have tried various lip balms from reputed companies, in fact, spend on some luxury brands as well. However, the chapped lips showed some improvement only to come back. Then I decided to use this all-natural cure that is mentioned in the Ayurvedic texts, and to my surprise, it never stopped working. It is cheap and very simple to implement and worked wonders in most of my users. Check out the details in this article, Dermatologist Recommended Natural Cure For Chronic Chapped Or Peeling Lips

STEP 4: Avoid licking your lips and do not remove flakes of dry lips

Most of you knowingly or unknowingly tend to moisten your dry lips by licking them. This provides temporary relief from the stretch, but it eventually causes damage because the enzyme present in saliva further irritates the lips. Similarly, breathing from mouth takes away all the moisture from your lips. Also, do not pick or remove the flakes that peel off from your dry lips because they protect the immature new skin and these flakes will fall off naturally when underlying new skin would be ready to take over.

STEP 5: Substitute any causative medicine if possible

The most common medicines that lead to dry lips are isotretinoin, high doses of vitamin A, D-penicillamine, isoniazid, phenothiazine, lithium, busulfan, actinomycin, etc. However, please consult your physician before discontinuing the medicines, and ask for an alternative.

When should I visit Dermatologist?

Most of the time, precautions listed above are enough to settle dry lips, but you might need an expert intervention if:

  • Above measures don’t help for more than two or three weeks.
  • You have cracks, redness and dryness on the corners of the mouth.
  • You have soreness and burning on your tongue and mucosal lining of cheeks, this indicates that vitamin deficiency might be the cause of your chapped lips.
  • There is a formation of a raw area, oozing, pus discharge, bleeding, growth, etc. take an appointment with your dermatologist as soon as possible.
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