Wrinkled face and fine line: Anti-age with this 20 steps daily routine

Written By Dr Surbhi, MD Skin

Last updated: 03/10/18

"Doctor, I am noticing fine lines on my face, please help? I hate wrinkled face, is there anything I can do to stop them from coming? Is there some magic remedy to anti-age?"


Well, these are the questions that I often get from patients who are either worried about a single fine line or those with a wrinkled face. I have covered the various strategies available for anti-ageing in another article, Dermatologist guide to wrinkle free skin. In the present article, I am sharing practical tips that you can easily on incorporate in your daily routine to delay both, the appearance of the first fine line or to improve already wrinkled face. So, read on and get started with your endeavor to anti-age!


Well, if you think it is easy to erase the fine line, then you are mistaken! People who aspire to delay wrinkled face have a disciplined lifestyle that begins early in the morning. Are you thinking that this is NOT possible for you? Well, then do NOT read further.

Hmm...If you are reading further, I am sure you have made up your mind that nothing can come between you and your anti-age routine. So are you ready to start the daily routine that helps to anti-age?

1. Get up before sunrise:

You cannot miss this opportunity to energise your body in the early morning when the concentration of oxygen in the air is maximum and that of pollutants is the least.

Yes! You can do it. Just put alarm NOW on your phone so that you can get up early before sunrise right from tomorrow. Why so early? Because this is the time you should do an OUTDOOR physical activity.

2. Drink a glass of water:

The first thing to be done after getting up is to flush your internal gastrointestinal system by drinking lukewarm water. This will clean your gut and accelerate the evacuation of waste material. Make sure you continue to drink atleast one glass of water every 3 hours during the day, but, avoid drinking water after or during meals.

3. Thirty minutes workout:

Did you know that exercise increases the blood flow, that in turn delivers oxygen to each and every cell of your body more efficiently? After getting up in morning, wear your sports gears and head towards a park, a balcony or a road immediately before your mind says that you are too tired!

The easiest physical activity is a brisk walk. According to the centre of disease control and prevention (CDC), you should walk at a pace of 5 km per hour or 12 minutes per km.  Alternatively, you can also do yoga, cycling, or that matter any OUTDOOR physical activity.

I must mention that you might NOT benefit by INDOOR exercises. Rainy days should be the only exceptions! Another advantage of the early morning OUTDOOR exercise is that you can avoid the harmful UV rays of sun that are known to accelerate the appearance of a fine line or the wrinkled face.

4. Ten minutes breathing exercise:

Once you energise your body by a brisk walk, it's time to give expand the lung further by pranayama. You can check this article for various breathing exercises.

5. Five minutes meditation:

After pranayama, it’s time to relax the mind. There are many ways to meditate, just choose one that suits you after few trials and stick to it. Believe me, it would look impossible to meditate in first few days, but gradually you would be willing to increase the time. Consistency and will power is the key. Do not give up your pursuit to anti-age!

6. Take a bath:

Bathing in itself is an art. I have listed few tips:

  • Neither overzealous cleaning nor missing baths are a good idea. Gentle bath with massaging soap from neck down to toes is the best. Do not put same soap on your face.
  • Most soaps are alkaline and can disturb the acidic pH of your skin. Therefore, choosing soap with slightly acidic pH is very important. How do you find one? In this video, I checked the pH of common soaps and to my surprise, only one soap has acidic pH close to that of skin.
  • Do not forget to rinse well. Looks simple, but if ignored can increase the exposure time of chemicals on your skin.
  • Finally, pat dry. Do not rub vigorously, instead use this coffee scrub to de-tan and remove dead skin cells once or twice in a week.

7. Anti-age regime for the face in the morning:

After you take bath, spend 5 minutes on cleansing, toning and moisturising your skin. The choice of skincare product or home remedies depends on 2 factors- your skin type and key skin concern( in your case, skin concern is a wrinkled face or fine line). Instead of believing on advertisements or a friends advice, read the article given below based, to know which anti-ageing products really work:

The most important aspect of anti-age is sunscreen. Don’t agree? Just compare the skin of your thighs with that of the face. Which one is better? Of course thighs. Why? Sun exposure. If you do not want a wrinkled face or even a fine line, put sunscreen daily in the right way and at the right time as discussed in the article, Which is best Sunscreen or suncream- spf 15 or SPF 30?

8. Read and household chores:

After the bath, if possible, spend at least 15 minutes in the morning to read the inspirational book or a scripture to set the rhythm of the day.

9. Have breakfast between 7 to 8 am:

You would surely be hungry if you wake up before sunrise. Right kind of food is one the major weapon to anti-age, therefore, make a point to have healthy meals that are free from following 5 foods that promote ageing and rich in following 3 types of food that help in anti-age.

Do you love to have a cup of coffee or tea in morning? Well, that is NOT a good idea because these beverages inhibit the absorption of iron and other nutrients from your food. Best would be to drink the first cup of coffee or tea an hour after having your breakfast.

10. Keep smiling:

Do you need a reason to smile? Well, then fake it. Why? Go in front of the mirror now and give big smile. You might notice that you look younger instantly, because smile eases out the tension lines on forehead, pulls cheeks up and even decreases nasolabial fold. So, keep a smiling face to look younger, in fact, it is the easiest makeup, that works instantly!

11. Coffee or tea break:

As I already pointed, coffee and tea should be taken at least an hour after breakfast. Therefore, you can start your work with coffee or tea, but, make a point to take 2 whole wheat biscuits with it. This will reduce the acidity potential of these beverages.  Now, you are all set to work, but remember to keep your mind calm!

12. Stay stress-free:

Wondering how stress is related to the wrinkled face or a fine line? This study reports that skin is both as immediate stress perceiver and a target of stress responses. Therefore, always do your best, and leave rest to the Lord!

13. Mid-day skin care:

If you have been out in the sun, dust, dirt and pollutants or if your face gets greasy, then you can repeat the same cleansing, toning and sunscreen once again in the mid-day.

14. Lunch between 12-1 pm:

Make sure you take lunch between 12 to 1 pm, and ideally this should be the heaviest meal of the day according to Ayurveda. The healthy eating Plate from Harvard school of Public health emphasises on filling:

  • Half of your plate with veggies of all colours,
  • One-fourth with carbohydrates containing whole grain which includes brown bread, brown rice, oats, roti etc.
  • One-fourth with protein rich food.

15. Fruit time:

You might be tempted to munch on the snacks by 3-4 pm. But, make a healthy choice of eating 2-3 varieties of fruits instead.

16. Anti-age face regime in the night:

Make sure that you wash your face and remove makeup as soon as you step back into your home. This is absolutely necessary to remove the dust, dirt and pollutants from your face that can accelerate the appearance of first fine line and later wrinkled face by generating harmful free radicals.

After cleansing and toning, apply the right anti-aging product as detailed in following articles:

17. Bath and walk:

After taking care of your face, take a quick bath and go for a walk with the family or alone. Needless to say, that you should avoid watching TV because unknowingly they fill your mind with information that is stress full. Research shows that stress has a major impact on your pursuit to anti-age!

18. Dinner before 7 pm:

Take a light dinner that too before 7 pm, this ensures that food is fully digested before you retire into your bed.

19. Family time:

The family should be a shock absorber, but, in today's individualistic world, everyone wants his or her time. Each one of us thinks that my life is more stressful than my partners. Just, try to get out of this trap or else your whole family will be in the negative whirlpool. 

Try to give, rather than receive. Try to speak out, rather than getting overwhelmed with tiredness or anxiety. Try to connect with family, rather than glueing in front of a TV or laptop.

20. Sleep between 9-10 pm:

Build a night routine as follows:

  • Keep your phones away from the bed: preferably in a separate room.

  • Switch off wifi: Studies show that radiations from mobile and wifi can disturb sleep.

  • Put an alarm on the alarm clock: Make sure you put an alarm on a bedside clock instead of mobile. You should aim to sleep for 7 hours.

  • Drink a warm glass of milk: A glass of warm milk before sleeping helps in better sleep. A pinch of turmeric in milk is good to anti-age and fight wrinkled face or the fine line. Do not forget to brush your teeth after this.

  • Quick oil massage: Do a quick oil massage neck down and make sure you massage your soles as well. This is grandma remedy to induce good sleep that in turn is absolutely necessary for daily anti-age dose!

  • Read: End up your day by reading a scripture like Gita, Bible or Quran before sleeping. This calms your mind and shuts up the thoughts of the day and reduces chances of dreams.

  • Sleep on your back: Studies show that people who sleep on one side, develop a fine line on the dependent side of face early. Therefore best is to sleep on your back.

  • Regular sex: Well, both excessive and no sex is bad for health. Sex or intimacy releases feel-good hormones, boosts the blood supply to the full body including your skin cells and helps in sleeping better. 

  • Sleep soundly: How do you know whether you slept soundly? A person who is fresh in the morning after 7 hours of sleep and does not remember the dream or waking time is a good sleeper.

I hope you can slowly build the above daily routine to anti-age, that both, prevents the appearance of the first fine line and eases out the already wrinkled face.

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