Which Is Best Rose Water Brand In UK: Dermatocare Recommendations

Written By Dr Surbhi, MD Skin

Last updated: 21/07/17

Rosewater can benefit any skin type, provided the recipe is customised to your skin needs. Interestingly, many brands in the UK vouch that their rose water is 100% pure, and many of them have been reviewed extensively on amazon.co.uk. Thus, making a definite choice gets even more confusing.


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If you are wondering why rose water is worth trying? First, read the benefits of using rose water on your skin, followed by the list of rose water recipes, finally decide whether you need rose water for yourself or not? I am supposing you are reading further because you have made your mind buy one.


Here are some key points that you need to remember before choosing rosewater:

  • PURITY: Is the rose water 100% pure? This is mentioned on the label itself.
  • INGREDIENTS: This means that your rose water should be free from preservatives or for that matter any other ingredients. Thus, the only ingredient on this list is rose water.
  • SOURCE OF ROSES: I would prefer rose water made from roses available locally because the freshness of the product is assured. Don't you think that the quality of roses or rose water would deteriorate if it has to travel miles before reaching you?
  • PACKING: I prefer spray bottle because it gives ease of application, besides rose water is not wasted while pouring on the cotton ball. Tinted container packing helps in preventing the degradation from sunlight.
  • SMELL: If possible smell the product before buying. If it smells anything else but Rose, don’t buy it.
  • READ REVIEWS: If you cannot test the product, read the reviews. I was going through reviews on Amazon, where most reviewers vouched on the smell of the product while few complained that the same rose water smelled really bad. This might be because the original product does smell good. However, the product might have got spoiled before reaching the user in certain cases. Few reviewers experienced sensitivity rash with rose water, yes this is a possibility, after all, it has fragrance. While others complained they didn't see the difference, this is so because rose water alone might not be enough for their skin. Check out the recipes!

My search for the best brands of rose water in the UK began by gathering information about their composition and reviews of users. I have tabulated the information in this table:

Brand name

Natures Aid Rose Water (Triple Strength)


Steenberg's Organic Rose Water 100ml Glass Bottle 

 Alteya Organic Bulgarian Rose Water spray

Elixirs of Life - Pure Organic Rose Water 100ml


150 ml


250 ml


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Bottle type



Plastic Bottle

Not spray


Glass bottle

Spray and non-tinted

Plastic bottle



Glass bottle

Source of Roses

Not mentioned

Only for external use.

Steenbergs Organic Rose Water is made through a simple water extraction of classic Persian Damask Rose blossom.

Ingredients in Steenbergs Organic Rose Water - water, organic rose petal extractives Steenbergs organic rose water contains no sugar. *

Organic Rosa damascena

100% Natural Steam-Distilled Flower Water

USDA Certified Organic. We distill a special grade rose water that completely preserves the biodynamic energy of the rose plant. Food grade.

Pure Organic Rosa damascena flower water and nothing else!


100 %


100 %