What Are Medi-Facials- Dermatocare's Interviews with Best Dermatologist

Written By Dr Deepali Bhardwaj, MD Skin

Last updated: 20/02/19

“Doctor, what are medi-facials? Can I get them done for instant glow on my face?"


Yes, you can get a facial done to look at your best, but guess what? Not at a saloon, but at the clinic under the supervision of Cosmetic Dermatologists, that too with the help of latest technology. Want to know more about this new facial treatment? We have none other than Dr Deepali Bhardwaj, a pioneer cosmetic dermatologist of Delhi who owns this latest technology called Medi-facials, to talk about it. So let’s get started!



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Dermatocare: What are Medi-facials?

Dr Deepali: Medi-facials is combining the medicinal knowledge and incorporating it into beautifying the human face. My patients and friends call medi-facials as magical facials, as after a few sessions the results are like magic without any chemicals, bleach, toxins or excess facial massages.


Dermatocare: How are they are done?

Dr Deepali: They are done with machines at my clinic. I have a huge armamentarium of them to choose from for facials. We have:

  • Hydra-facials
  • Oxygen facials that uses oxygen in between facials.
  • Facials using electroporation devices: These devices are used for infusing vitamin C, glutathione, and other essential anti-oxidants directly into the skin.
  • Vampire PRP or stem cell facials: These are done with patient’s own blood and are an obvious solution for arresting the clock of ageing and for a good youthful skin for a long time.
  • Placenta facials: These facials use products that come from sheep placenta from Australia.
  • Dr Obagi facials
  • Cosmelan facials from Spain.


Dermatocare: What are the benefits of getting Medi-facials done?

Dr Deepali: Being a lady myself the benefits are simple, we feel pampered and honoured as our skin looks well taken care of without any side effects, like exposure to chemicals, like bleach or any toxins used on the face. Also, regular medi-facials ensure good skin health and vitality, ensuring a healthy skin glow and radiance all throughout the year with no skin problems whatsoever. 


Dermatocare: What are the side effects of Medi-facials?

Dr Deepali: Actually I have not witnessed any side effects at my clinic; with experience in medicine of more than six years. I feel that when done under supervision, the chance of side effect is almost zero. We have performed such facials in acne prone skin, and 80-90% improvement is seen in 3-4 sessions. Also, unlike salon facials, there is no steam, bleach or use of any chemicals and hence, the risk of side effects is just not there.


Dermatocare: What is the average cost of getting a Medi-facial done at your clinic?

Dr Deepali: The average cost is Rs 4000, but we have facials from Rs 3000-25000 per session.

Now, instead of shedding your pockets in high-end saloons, step into the cosmetic dermatologist clinic to get that instant radiant and flawless look. Would you like to try one?

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