Understanding Oily Skin- Dermatocare's beauty tips

Written By Dr Surbhi, MD Skin

Last updated: 03/10/18

Does your skin look shiny and greasy after a few hours of washing your face? Does your face look shiny in photographs? Do you hate putting moisturizer especially when humidity is high? You might wipe or wash your face frequently to remove oils but does the oiliness come back after a while?

If the answer is yes, then you have oily skin type. Besides troublesome oil secretions, pimples and blackheads might occur frequently in teens, while at a later age, open pores might appear prominent.

Your Skin and Weather

Do you hate humid weather, as your skin gets really oily giving you a greasy and tired look? This is the time when you tend to get black/white heads and pimples. However, winters or dry weather do bring in a sigh of relief as your skin gets less oily and pimples might settle as well. 

Planning a Holiday?

Holidays to hot and humid areas can lead to breakout of pimples. So, do not forget to pack your face wash, oil cleansing wipes and sunscreens.  You can skip anti-wrinkle/skin lightening cream, scrubs, face pack etc. to keep the skin care regime simple. Major focus should be on sun protection. Do not forget to follow the skincare and diet tips recommended Dr Malavika Kohli, top cosmetic dermatologist of India in an interview with Dermatocare.

Your Skin and Age

Teenage is the toughest time, when the oil secretion is at its peak; and so are the pimples. However, oil secretion usually reduces with age especially after menopause. Nevertheless, some of you might continue to get pimples especially around your mouth even at a later age. You might get open pores along with increased thickness of your skin; the duo appears like an orange peel.


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