Timeline Or Stages Of Sunburn – Know From Dermatologist (Dermatocare)

Written By Dr Surbhi, MD Skin

Last updated: 26/04/16
Sunburn, as the name suggests is burning of skin on exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun. Our skin has an inbuilt mechanism to protect us from harmful UV rays; however if the exposure to the sun is severe, then the protective mechanism fails and sun rays burn the skin cells inducing DNA damage. The body responds by inflammatory response leading to sunburn in following stages:


Immediate Tanning:

The unique aspect of sunburn is that it does not show up immediately. However, your skin is trying to protect itself at the microscopic level by secreting melanin that helps by absorbing the harmful UVB rays. This is the reason wheatish to dark skin turns darker on exposure to the sun. Unfortunately, the fair skin doesn’t have a natural reserve of melanin and UVB rays start damaging the DNA of your skin cells. People with fair skin might not realise that they are...