PRP or Platelets Rich Plasma injection- Interview with Best Dermatologist (Dermatocare)

Written By Dr Nilayini, MD Skin

Last updated: 03/10/18

PRP injections or Platelets Rich Plasma treatment is innovative technique that has proven to be effective in various disorders. PRP is indeed an effective yet affordable solution for hair loss and facial rejuvenation. It an honor that an expert likes Dr Nilayini has graciously agreed to answer queries regarding PRP.

Dr Nilayini has many awards to her credits- Best Consultant in Cosmetic Surgery & Cosmetic Dermatology in South India, Women Entrepreneur of the year 2013, Outstanding Contribution in Skin Care Innovation, Peak of Success Awards 2014 at USA to name few. She can be reached at

Dermatocare: What is PRP injection or Platlets Rich Plasma therapy?

Dr Nilayini: First developed in the late 1970s in an open heart surgery procedure,  PRP gained its popularity only in the middle 1990s. PRP treatment now is the current preferred method for not only improving the quality of skin and hair but also aids in wound healing and tissue repair.

PRP is concentrated blood plasma that contains approx. 3 to 5 times the number of platelets found in the normal circulating blood. In additionto this, it also contains platelet derived growth factor (PDGF), vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), transforming growth factor (TGF) and other bioactive proteins that aid in wound healing and Tissue repair.

PRP therapy is a simple non-surgical procedure that improves the quality of your skin and is a safe, natural and effective process in improving the skin quality and to restore hair. The treatment involves using the concentrated platelets that have various growth factors and cytokines that help in the healing the soft tissue.

Dermatocare: What is the procedure of PRP injection or Platlets Rich Plasma therapy?

Dr Nilayini: The process involves using a portion of the patient’s own blood to separate the solid from liquid components and platelet activators, such as thrombin, calcium chloride and sometimes collagen, are added using strict aseptic techniques. The collected material called ‘Plasma’ has many factors that are essential for cell recruitment, specialization, and multiplication that are very much needed for skin, hair, and other areas. This plasma is then injected back into the patient through an injection.

Dermatocare: What are the different uses of PRP injection or Platlets Rich Plasma therapy?

Dr Nilayini: PRP is used mainly for tissue repair & healing. Its used in different areas of specialties like orthopedics, dermatology,  cosmetic procedures, dental procedures and hair restoration etc. In cosmetic dermatology, this is used for the cosmetic treatment of scars or wrinkles in the face, hands, and neck. PRP is considered as minimally invasive procedure and takes approximately 20 minutes for each treatment. PRP is now used cosmetically to treat volume loss in the face, hands, and neck as well as to treat wrinkles, stretch marks, acne scarring, other facial rejuvenation areas and hair restoration (androgen alopecia).

Dermatocare: What is role of PRP injection or Platlets Rich Plasma therapy in hair loss?

Dr Nilayini: PRP is a non-surgical solution to hair loss/hair restoration. In this process, the processed Platelet Rich Plasma is directly injected into the scalp. This causes the miniaturized follicles to become larger and healthier leading a more solid hair growth. As the Platelet Rich Plasma has growth factors which activates the progenitor cells (adult stem cells). PRP is an effective treatment for both male pattern and female pattern hair loss.

Dermatocare: What is role of PRP injection or Platlets Rich Plasma therapy in facial rejuvenation?

Dr Nilayini: PRP for skin rejuvenation is a solution for people who are looking for more natural and safer way for facial rejuvenation, and works by stimulating and regenerating new skin tissue. The growth factors in the concentrate platelets try to activate the skin cells that are lying dormant and stimulates new collagen resulting in healthy and younger appearance. As your own plasma is used, there is absolutely no harm of allergic reaction or disease transmission.

Dermatocare: What is average cost of PRP injection or Platlets Rich Plasma therapy?

Dr Nilayini: The cost of the PRP treatment can range anywhere between 6500 INR to 9500 INR

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