Never Make Mistake Of Eat Medicines Like Candies: Stay Healthy With Dermatocare

Written By Dr Surbhi, MD Skin

Last updated: 03/10/18

Around 3 weeks ago, I was started on STRONG oral antibiotics for a SIMPLE infection in my body. To my surprise despite taking oral antibiotics for 7 days, I developed a high-grade fever. Blood was withdrawn and the results showed acute infection on the verge of spreading to the body. A very strong IV antibiotic was started.


Isme kaun si badhi baat hai?


Why din’t a SIMPLE infection respond to STRONG oral antibiotic?

Why culture reports showed that the bacteria is not sensitive to common antibiotics?

Why I had to be started on an antibiotic that is used as a last alternative often in ICU?


The answer is clear:


India is the only country where medicines are available like candies. There is no stringent law to restricting the sale of drugs, in fact there is no distinction between OTC and prescription drug. All you need to do is spell out the name of the drug to chemist. To compound this problem, some doctor prescribe tons of medicines just to earn commission. The result is increased prevalence of resistant bacteria. 

INDIA is heading towards "super bug" that would be "super common".

So, what should you do when you get ill?

God has bestowed us with the immune system that comes to rescue as soon as it senses anything abnormal in our body. Yes! Our body has inbuilt system to fight back fever, cold, cough, diarrhoea, urine infection, headache, stomachache, for that matter any simple illness;  provided you follow these 3 simple steps:


 “Bolna asan hai, Saasu ma kya sochegi”.

“Boss sauchega bahana bana rahe he”

“Acchaa hai school jayga, wese bhi ghar pe konsa chein hai”

Masti ke liye kaam chodte ho ….chhuti bhi lette ho…aur bimari ke liye bahne banate ho. Body he apki, choice he apki!



Tring Tring…

Wife: “Sun te ho, aaj muje fever he, raste se pizza le anaa”

Husband “Tumharhi tabhiyat kharaab hai, aur pizza khaogi”

Wife “To mein khana bhi banaoo kya, muje tumse baat nahi karni”

Kyo…Dosto se help mangene mein sharam aati hai,

Party pe bulana ho to, "Come on kya ho gaya hai yaar, dost ke liye itna bhi nahi karega kya" Body he apki, choice he apki!



Saas “Are bola tha ajwain se pet khool ta, dekho tumne beche ka boora hal kar diya”

Bahu “ Maji, whatsapp message mein to yehi likha tha”

Par madam, “whats app message kisne likha tha”

In today's world, there is endless information, but unfortunately, there is a paucity of wisdom (knowledge tested by experience).“The Complete Book of Ayurveda” by Dr Vasant Lad is a treasure house of home remedies for all the common ailments, please grab a copy for yourself and use it as your reference guide.

All said and done, use your acumen to decide whether you need an urgent doctor visit or a simple mantra of “rest, eat healthy and home remedies”. But refrain from taking medications especially antibiotics yourself or else you might end up in the hospital like me!

I don't request users to share my blogs, but I think this article should reach as many INDIANS as possible, So, please share this article to save INDIA from getting into a medical havoc!

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