Natural Cure for Chronic Chapped or Peeling Lips: Dermatologist Recommended

Written By Dr Surbhi, MD Skin

Last updated: 03/10/18

Does your lips gets dry and chapped often? Are you embarrassed by peeling lips? Are you looking for the cure of chronic chapped lips? Let me share that even I had a chronic problem of chapped lips, and it’s been almost three years of soft and supple lips for me. In this article, I am sharing the natural cure for chronic chapped or peeling lips that worked for me.

Around three years back, I researched about causes of chapped lips and summarised my finding in this article, How To Get Rid Of Dry And Chapped Lips In 5 Simple Steps- Know From Dermatologist. I religiously followed all the precautions listed in the above article and started using lip balms from reputed companies, in fact, spend on some luxury brands as well. However, the chapped lips showed some improvement only to come back. Then I decided to use this all-natural cure that is mentioned in the Ayurvedic texts, and to my surprise, it never stopped working. It is cheap and very simple to implement and worked wonders in most of my users.


What is easy yet effective natural cure for chronic chapped or peeling lips?

Put slight warm ghee on your chapped lips. Yes, it as simple as that! As soon as you feel like licking your dry lip, take some ghee on your finger, warm it by rubbing between your finger and thumb and apply it on your lips. You might have to apply ghee every 30 to 120 minutes initially depending on the severity of chapped lips, but eventually, you can use it after each meal. Make sure that you apply a thick coat of ghee on your lips before sleeping all through your life.


How to store ghee for chapped lips?

Ghee is solid at cold temperature (less than 17 C) and becomes liquid when heated (over 34 C). Ghee usually comes in the packing of 250 to 1000 gm. You can put it in an open jar packing if the environmental temperature keep the ghee solidified or dropper bottle if you live in hot climate as shown in above video.


Where can I buy Ghee?

Ghee or clarified butter is available easily in India grocery stores, or you can buy it online on, and  Though you need a bit of it for chapped lips, it usually comes in the packing of 250-1000gm. The good news is that ghee does not get spoiled even if you store it for years. Or you can use it for cooking. It has immense benefits as detailed in this article, 5 Reasons To Eat Ghee Or Clarified Butter Daily-Dermatocare’s Lifestyle Fitness Tips


I have used Ghee; it does not work for me?

Then you might be missing on other precautions listed in this article,

The common ones are:

  • Licking of lips: Saliva makes your chapped lips worst, so make the conscious effort to stop the licking of your lips with tongue.

  • Peeling the flakes: Do not remove the flakes by any method, instead moisturise them often with ghee so many times that they get softened and fall out by themselves. You can also use mixture of ghee with brown sugar to gently scrub the flakes.

  • Avoid contact with irritants and chemicals: It is not uncommon that your lip balm might be irritating your lips because most common and unfortunately popular brands have irritants like menthol, phenol, salicylic acid, etc. This is the reason that my chronic chapped lips failed to respond until I shifted to ghee. Also, omit contact with anything that irritates your lips, may it be fruit juice or toothpaste.

  • Lack of patience: Chronic chapped lips will need constant hydration with ghee for almost a month to revert to normal provided you do not subject them to irritants like your saliva, lip balms, toothpaste, etc.

  • Rule out vitamin deficiency or lip diseases: You should consult a dermatologist if you have been following all of the above remedies without results.

I hope this natural cure for chronic chapped or peeling lips will work for you. All the best!

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