Homemade Facial Scrub For Dry Skin- Dermatologist Recommended

Written By Dr Surbhi, MD Skin

Last updated: 03/10/18

Scrub essentially has a scrubbing agent suspended in a base. The homemade facial scrub for dry skin should have a rich moisturising base that minimises the chances of damage to the already compromised skin. Scrubbing can be a double-edged sword in the dry skin because a harsh scrubbing agent can further destroy the already compromised skin barrier of the dry skin. Thus, we will use thick moisturising oils as the base and brown sugar as the scrubbing agent. Thus, I am not recommending a new recipe for the homemade facial scrub for dry skin, but it is important to understand the why and how behind the use of homemade recipes to maximise the results. So, let us get started!

What will you need?

Brown sugar has an advantage of having glycolic acid, a chemical exfoliator that works by loosening the bonds between dead and damaged skin cells.

Oil- You can use any oil because you are least worried about comedogenicity potential of oil in the dry skin. However, oils that provide deep moisturization as preferred, as tabulated below:

Anyone of these 3 Oils




Avocado oil

Has anti-aging benefits


Click here

Coconut oil

Deep moisturising capacity


Make sure you buy the unrefined one.




Sweet almond oil

Rich in Vitamin E

Make sure you buy the unrefined one.




Contrary to common belief, Olive oil is not the best option for the skin of the face or for that matter body as well. All the above oils are comedogenic, thus, if you are prone to black/whiteheads or pimples, then use this homemade facial scrub for combinations skin instead.


How to make?

It is super easy to make the homemade facial scrub for dry skin, all you need to do is take a some brown sugar into your palm and pour oil slowly until all the brown sugar is wet. Mix the two with the index finger of another hand. Massage this scrub on your face for a minute or two. Rinse off and pat dry. Complete your skincare regime by applying either this anti-aging face pack or this skin lightening face pack after scrubbing, called as two-step home facial.


How often can I use this scrub?

You should use this scrub once in a week, more frequent use might harm your dry skin. If you think scrub can help you settle the flaky skin, then you are highly mistaken. Scrubbing might temporarily shed the flaking skin, but in the long term, it can delay the healing of the dry, flaky skin. Best is to moisturise the dry skin as soon as you feel the stretch.


What are the side effects?

This homemade facial scrub can irritate sensitive and inflamed skin. In fact, I do not recommend scrubbing at all in inflamed, red, or irritated skin.


How to store?

This homemade facial scrub for dry skin should be made fresh before use because the brown sugar softens into sticky mass in oil upon storage. All it takes is less than a minute!


Can I add other ingredients?

There is no need to add any other ingredients because brown sugar provides both physical and chemical exfoliation to this homemade facial scrub. Also, there is no point in adding many active ingredients in the scrub because too many ingredients can do more harm than good to your skin. You can always give your skin a healthy treat of natural ingredients by applying either this anti-aging face pack or this skin lightening face pack after scrubbing. At Dermatocare, we believe in recommending researched and minimalistic homemade skincare.


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