Dermatologist Guide to Wrinkles Free Skin- Part 2(Dermatocare's beauty tips)

Written By Dr Surbhi, MD Skin

Last updated: 03/10/18

This article highlights the aesthetic procedure used to reduce wrinkles, with special emphasis on common concerns like forehead lines, crows feet etc. Do not forget to check out easy-to-follow detailed list of articles on wrinkles written by our dermatologist at the end of this article. 

KINDLY NOTE: This article is a continuation of Researched Dermatologist Guide to Wrinkles Free Skin- Part 1 that deals with causes, lifestyle tips, diet tips and the role of anti-wrinkle creams.


How a dermatologist can help in reducing my wrinkles?

Dermatologist can help you by prescribing the following:

  • Anti-aging cosmoceuticals- Unlike anti-wrinkle creams, cosmoceuticals are more potent and effective in stopping the wrinkles, but might be little heavy on pockets. But I would definitely recommend them to any kind of anti-aging procedure done in saloon.
  • Botulinium Toxin: Botox injections relax the muscles that cause wrinkles in your forehead area and around your eyes. The injection is not very painful and the effect lasts for about 4-6 months only.
  • Fillers: These are again injections that are used to change the shape of your cheeks, nose, lips, etc to give you a younger look.
  • LASERS: They mainly act by stimulating the growth of collagen in the deeper layers of the skin and can reduce fine lines, rough and patchy look of skin.
  • Radiofrequency procedures: These are employed to tighten the loose skin of the face and neck.
  • Miscellaneous Procedures: Threads, Mesotherapy, Surgical face lift, Medi-facilas etc. are other procedures that can help in making you look young.

How to reduce wrinkles of my forehead and around my eyes?

Forehead wrinkles (frown lines and horizontal lines) and crow feets (wrinkles that appear on the side of your eyes on laughing) can be reduced by injections of Botox. For details read: Botox injections- Results versus its cost and side effects

How to tighten loose skin of cheeks and neck?

Loose skin over cheeks apparent as sagging cheeks can be corrected with injections of fillers, while the loose jawline and neck skin can be tightened with the help of radio-frequency machines. For details read: How To Tighten Loose Skin- Interview With Top Cosmetic Dermatologist

How can I reverse changes occurring in lip area like thin lips, and drooping angle of mouth?

Lip area can be rejuvenated by making the lips look plumper and filling the deep naso-labial folds and marionette line with the injection of fillers. For details read: How fillers are used for anti-ageing- interview with top cosmetic dermatologist

How can I reverse the patchy skin, texture changes, fine lines, etc. of aging face?

Regular chemical peels do, once at an interval of 1-3 months can reverse or delay most of textural skin changes, however if you already have patchy skin or fine lines then Fractional LASERS can be used.

How to get rid of age spots?

Age spots or Seborrheic keratoisis begin as early as 40’s and can be handled with the help of Electrocautery or CO2 LASER at a dermatologist clinic.

Can I change the shape of my nose?

Yes, subtle changes can be done with the help of fillers, however if you need gross changes especially involving bone structure, nose job is done by plastic surgeons. For details read: How much does a nose job cost- interview with top facial Plastic surgeon

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