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Written By Dr Surbhi, MD Skin

Last updated: 03/10/18

“Doctor, I cannot resist popping pimples out, how should I do it in the right way to avoid scar or mark?” No matter how much counselling we dermatologist do on not touching your pimples out, you fall into the irresistible urge of popping pimples out. First, let me tell you why you should not touch your pimples? Because first of all they might not have pus to pop out, you might spread the infection deeper increasing chances of healing leaving a dark mark or depressed or raised scars.

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Here is dermatologist guide on popping pimples out:

  • Find a right pimple to pop: You can only pop pus out of your pimples, so only pimples that have sufficient pus inside, visible as white pus point can be popped out. Popping a solid pimple is futile, putting pressure on big cystic or nodular pimples is dangerous and extracting comedones with the hand is tedious, better use comedones extractor with the help of an expert.
  • Sterilise a pimple and hands: Wash your hands and thoroughly apply hand disinfectant followed by wearing gloves (optional, skip if you don’t have one). Put Betadine ointment on pimples and surrounding skin; do not use spirit or Dettol because already red skin of pimples might not tolerate them.
  • Puncture the pus point: Take a sterile needle (available at Chemist preferable 23G) or put the needle on fire and let it cool before puncturing the pus point in the center. You can avoid this step if the pus is already oozing out with gentle pressure.
  • Apply gentle pressure: Apply gentle pressure in the upward direction with the help of two index fingers as shown in above video.
  • Stop if: Stop if nothing comes out, blood discharge begins or white serous fluid comes.
  • End with disinfecting: By applying Betadine to a pimple and surrounding skin.

The first step of finding the right pimple with pus point for popping out might reduce your attempts because such pimples occur less commonly as compared to red pimples or black/whiteheads.

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