Dermatologist Guide on Black/White Heads, Pimples, Nodular Acne-Dermatocare's beauty tips

Written By Dr Surbhi, MD Skin

Last updated: 03/10/18

"Doctor, I usually get red pimples, black/white heads and sometimes big nodular and cystic pimples also occur. Can you suggest a complete guide on acne by a dermatologist?" Acne occurs as a part of hormonal surge during puberty. However, the incidence of post-adolescent acne is increasing due to lifestyle changes and increased prevalence of hormonal diseases.

I have written following well-researched articles on each and every aspect of acne. However, I felt the need for compiling all this information into easy to follow steps. Hence, I came up with my first Kindle book:“Acnefied- the war against acne begins here!”. This book explains the role of acne diet, skin care regimes, home remedies and OTC products in achieving acne clear skin.

Here is the list of articles on acne:

1. Reviews of Anti-acne products

2. Know what causes of pimples:

3. Role of diet in pimples:

4. How to pop your pimples:

5. Home remedies for pimples:

6. Skin care for acne prone skin:

7. Acne scars:

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