Dermatocare Skin Clinic: About Us

Written By Dr Surbhi, MD Skin

Last updated: 26/09/18

Dr Surbhi is consultant dermatologist at the Dermatocare skin clinic. We take pride in our simple and patient-oriented approach with minimal procedures. Our principles are:

The first consultation is for 10-30 minutes:

Dr Surbhi believes that patient should be given ample time to discuss their skin problem and vice-versa, the dermatologist can find long-term solution to chronic skin problems only after taking the detailed history to find out the course, aggravating factors, disease progression and treatment taken so far. Therefore, our first consultation lasts for 10-30 minutes depending on how long you are suffering from your skin problems.

Skin problem needs modification in diet, stress levels, and lifestyle:

Dr Surbhi has done in-depth research on how your diet, sleep, stress levels, sun exposure etc. affect the skin disease especially acne, allergies, pigmentation, sensitive skin etc. We spend ample time on counselling about the role of lifestyle with our patients.

Nature has a cure for every skin problem:

Yes! After researching about natural remedies for past 5 years, we give a combination of allopathic and natural remedies to our patients. Skin problems are chronic and strong medications taken for a long time can have side effects. So we try to mix natural remedies with allopathic medicine to cure your skin problem.

Minimal skin procedures:

We never recommend procedures to our patient until and unless it is really needed. Well, few skin problems cannot be cured without procedures like warts, facial hair, skin tags, deep wrinkles, stubborn pigmentation etc. For rest, we depend on medicines, diet, lifestyle changes and home remedies.

Minimal medications:

Our first prescription usually has minimum possible medications. Dr Surbhi believes that it is always easy to give stronger medication for instant relief, but that might not be necessarily correct. Therefore, we go slow and safe with our patients.


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