Dermato-Regimes: Shift to dermatologist recommended products

Written By Dr Surbhi, MD Skin

Last updated: 01/03/19

"Confused which skincare/hair care products is the best for your skin? Not sure which advertisement to trust? Afraid of using harmful chemicals in skin care products? "

Skin and hair are your most valuable assets and they need the right kind of care for staying radiant and young looking. Who else, but a dermatologist can help you understand what is best for your skin! 

We provide you with an opportunity for shifting to dermatologist recommended skin and hair care products called as Dermato-regimes, that too in just 500 INR (introductory offer).


What is Dermato-regimes?

Dermato-Regimes begin by assessing your skin type and concerns, and then make your basic skin care regime that includes:

  • Face wash: use twice a day

  • Toner: After face wash.

  • Sunscreen: to be applied in the morning after face wash.

  • Night cream: to be applied at night after face wash.

All the products are selected by Dr Surbhi based on the analysis of your skin type and concerns.



How to shift to Dermato-Regimes?

You can shift to dermatologist recommended skincare products in 4 simple steps:

STEP 1: Fill the form by clicking below:


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STEP 2: Our trained nurses will call you to understand your skin needs and concerns.

STEP 3: After you make payment of INR 500, You will have an online consult with Dr Surbhi.

STEP4: You will receive the following detail over phone call/ email/Whats App as per your convenience:

  • Your skincare regime: Exact brand names of skin/hair care products and links to buy on will be provided along with the detailed instruction on how and when to use the product.

  • Detailed lifestyle changes- With great emphasis on the sleep timings, detailed diet plan, and exercise schedule will be communicated to you.

  • Researched home remedies- with step by step instruction will be sent to you.


How is Dermato-regimes different?

The unique thing about these Dermato-box is that

  • DERMATOLOGIST RECOMMENDED: All the products are chosen by Dr Surbhi, MD Dermatology. We are the only dermatologist led skincare start-up of India.

  • BASED ON THE NEED OF YOUR SKIN: Products are chosen after a thorough analysis of your skin type and need only.

  • EFFECTIVE PRODUCTS: Products that contain researched active ingredients are chosen only. Most products might not contain active ingredients and yet cost high on your pockets. Therefore, we make sure that you get cost-effective products that have ingredients that can really help your and hair.

  • FREE FROM HARMFUL INGREDIENTS:  Our passion for mother earth, has prompted us to help you with your skin and hair care that too at a very affordable price because we really want you to shift to GREEN and EFFECTIVE SKIN CARE. Therefore, all products are free from harmful or controversial ingredients.

  • COSMECEUTICAL PRODUCTS: We love green, however, we also include potent treatment products that contain cosmeceutical ingredients like retinaldehyde, peptides, or ascorbic acid etc. rather than only herbal products in Dermato-Regimes. Therefore, we provide brand recommendations only best anti-ageing/anti-acne/skin-lightening/hair-regrowth products to you.



How do you know what my skin needs?

We understand your skin with the help of an extensive questionnaire and our beauty expert calls you to understand your skin type and concerns.



How do we ensure that the products really work?

Each product selected for Dermatoregimes undergoes the following 5 step selection process:

  • STEP 1 AIR-TIGHT PACKING: Packing is very important to maintain the efficacy of products. We prefer products with airtight pump packing or tube packing. We do not recommend products in open jar packing because they are unlikely to preserve the efficacy of the active ingredients.

  • STEP 2 FREE FROM HARMFUL INGREDIENTS: Next we check the ingredient list of products for the absence of controversial ingredients like Parabens, DMDM Hydantoin etc.

  • STEP 3 CONTAINS ACTIVE INGREDIENTS THAT WORK: Next, we check if the active ingredient present in the product have studies to support their efficacy.

  • STEP 4  PRODUCTS THAT SHOW RESULTS: Finally we only choose products that show verified results based on use by us.

  • STEP 5 SORT THE BEST PRODUCTS FOR VARIOUS SKIN TYPES AND CONCERNS: Finally, the products that really work are picked for you depending on your skin/hair type and concerns.



How much do I pay for Dermato-box?

As an introductory offer, you pay only INR 500 ONLY, by Paytm, Online or BHIM etc.



Would my skin issues resolve?

Dermato-regimes will help to:

  • balance your oil secretion with the help of the face wash.
  • provide sun protection with chemical-free zinc-based sunscreens
  • address your skin issues like pimples, wrinkles, dark circles or pigmentation with the help of night cream.

Well, we can vouch that our skincare regime can deliver better results than any skincare product available in the market because we choose cosmeceutical ingredients that too with an effective packing made by reputed companies.

Dermatoregimes is not a substitute for the consultation with the doctor. It contains cosmeceutical products that can help 80% of patients with mild to moderate skin issues. You can opt for being a regular online patient of Dr Surbhi, if continuous care and supervision are needed, if you give consent to be treated online by Dr Surbhi.



Can I opt for the Dermato-regimes, if my skin is healthy?

Yes! of course.  We will provide you with the products that can be used regularly to maintain the skin health and repair your skin from daily damage caused by pollution, UV rays and an unhealthy lifestyle. 



What if products do not suit my skin?

Well, this does not happen regularly. But, yes we do expect a little irritation after using our products because they contain cosmeceuticals. Sensitive skin might take time to shift from regular products to these products. In this case, we will provide WA support to help you with the right method of using these products.



What our customers are saying?

Akriti from Delhi says that "My skin has become smoother and radiant after using Dermato-regimes from the very first month. I will definitely order it again."

Shikha from Pune says that "My dark spots have started to fade and my skin texture has improved. I loved the lifestyle counselling done by beauty experts."

Deepak from Delhi says that "After spending a lot on saloons and expensive products, I have settled for Dermato-regimes for my grey hair."


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