Best Supplements For Hair Regrowth: Dermatocare Research

Written By Dr Surbhi, MD Skin

Last updated: 27/09/18

Thousands of hair supplements are available today in the market with varied composition. Therefore, we conducted research across the scientific journals to know which vitamins, fatty acid, minerals, plant extract or animal extracts have studies to support their role in hair regrowth. We also found the brands that contain the above effective supplements. Read further to know the best supplements for hair loss available in US, India, UK and Canada!

Best Supplement for Hair regrowth I US, UK & Canada I India I

TIPS: Based on the research(listed at the end of article) done by me:

  • First and the most important step for stopping the progress of hair fall is finding the cause as discussed in this article, Dermatologist Guide for hair loss. Treatment of cause (if possible) is absolutely necessary for the long-term cure of hair loss.
  • Hair supplements are most helpful if there is documented deficiency of biotin, iron, zinc, calcium pantothenate.
  • My personal experience as dermatologist support role of supplements with varied composition rather than biotin alone. Vitamin A, C, E, D, iron, zinc, copper, selenium, amino acids, antioxidants, omega 3 & 6 fatty acids are needed for hair growth but this does not mean eating them would reserve the hair loss. You would still need to find and address the cause behind your hair fall.
  • Most hair supplements can cause stomach upset and feeling of fullness, so always eat them after meals.
  • The supplement should be taken for at least 3 months before results might show up and continued for 6 months.








1. Has Vitamin (A, C, B), Therapeutic concentration of Biotin, Minerals (Calcium, Iron, Zinc, Copper, Iron, Selenium, manganese, Iodine), amino acids, Grape seed extracts, Inositol

2. Veg Capsule

3. Once a day

1. No collagen

2. No omega 3 fatty acids


1. Has vitamins (C, E, B), minerals(calcium, Iron, Zinc, Selenium, Manganese) amino acid, Inositol+choline, PABA

1. No anti-oxidant

2. No collagen

3. No omega 3 fatty acids

3. Not mentioned if vegetarian capsule


1. 1Has hydrolyzed collagen, vitamin (B, C), horsetail extracts, grape seed extracts, amino acid

1. No minerals,

2. No omega 3 fatty acids

3. Non-vegetarian


1. Has therapeutic concentration of Biotin and calcium pentathionate, Vitamin E, Minerals (copper, zinc) Coenzyme Q10, L-cysteine

2. Veg capsule

3. Once a day


1. No collagen

2. No omega 3 fatty acids


1.Has herbal extracts that can help in hair growth Extracts of Bhringraj, Amla, Shikakai, Brahmi, Ashwagandha, Shankhpushpi.

2. Unique formula for helping hair growth in people otherwise good diet.

3. Vegetarian capsule.


Not a nutritional supplement




We checked the composition of the most popular hair supplements on, and and with regards to the presence of following:

  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Amino acids
  • Omega-3 fatty acid
  • Anti-oxidants
  • DHT blockers
  • Herbal extracts
  • Allergy information (if available)

The results are given in the table below.

Best supplements for Male pattern hair loss:

Hair growth supplements for males with natural DHT blocker(Should not be taken by female who are trying to concieve)









Has vitamin (A,C,E,D,B), minerals(Calcium, Iodine, zinc, copper, selenium), saw palmetto, amino acids, Inositol+choline, herbal hair growth promoters, omega-3 fatty acid, anti-oxidant


Cautious use in allergy prone because has soy, nuts, wheat, fish

Natuarl wellbeing



Has many natural DHT blockers, vitamin A,C,E, biotin, omega 3 fatty acid, amino acid, herbal extracts

Three-time dosing




Has Vitamin (A,C,E, B), minerals (calcium, zinc, copper, selenium, manganese),

therapeutic concentration of biotin, herbal hair growth promoters, antioxidants, amino acids, natural Chinese DHT blockers(Fo-Ti)


No omega 3 fatty acid

Kindly note, we do not recommend intake DHT blockers in females of childbearing age because they might cause birth defects in the male child. Also, do not take any supplements without talking to your doctor if you are on regular medications, pregnant, lactating, have a chronic illness, or not feeling well.

Best hair supplements for females(not pregnant or lactating):






Has vitamin (C, E, B), Minerals (Zinc), herbs (rosemary), yeast extracts and good amount of Omega 3 fatty acids


No amino acids

Has artificial colours FDC Yellow 6, FDC Red 40, FDC Blue 1




Has therapeutic concentration of Biotin, Vitamin (A, C, E, B), Zinc, Inositol, herbal extracts (Gingko Biloba, kelp, bamboo)

No soy, gluten, egg, wheat, fish, nuts

Suitable for vegans and vegetarians



No omega 3 fatty acid




Has Marine Collagen, Vitamin (B, C, D, E) minerals(magnesium, iron, copper, selenium, manganese, chromium, iodine), amino acids and powerful antioxidants like grape seed and bioflavonoids.


No omega 3 fatty acid

No herbal hair growth stimulants

Not for people with seafood allergy

Boom supplements


Has Vitamin (A, C, B, D, E), minerals (Zinc, Iron, Manganese, magnesium, Copper, Molybdenum, Selenium), amino acids and powerful antioxidants

Once a day dosing



Not for people with soy allergy

No omega 3 fatty acid

No herbal extracts




Has marine extracts, Vitamin (C, Niacin), Mineral (Zinc, Iron)horsetail, millet seed extract.

This hair supplement has double-blind randomised trials to supports its efficacy for hair loss in males and females.



Lack amino acids, omega-3 fatty acids, anti-oxidants

Not for people with seafood allergy

DISCLAIMER: We have tried our best to provide the right information, but we recommend you to read the label carefully and consult your physician before using above supplements. If you spot an error in above data, please write to us on


Biotin: Needed only if you have the biotin deficiency, which is rare.

Contrary to the common belief that supports biotin supplementation for hair growth, my research proved otherwise. Biotin supplements are not needed until unless you have a decreased level of biotin which is very rare. For further details, read this article, Biotin supplements is NOT needed for hair regrowth: Dermatocare Research


Iron supplements: Needed if ferritin levels low, despite normal hemoglobin.

Many studies prove that females with normal hemoglobin might have a low ferritin level that might be the cause behind hair loss. In such cases, iron supplements are very important in reversing the hair loss. (source) Vitamin D and Serum ferritin levels should be measured in females with hair loss and if found deficient, supplement with iron and vitamin D might be helpful. (source).


Saw palmetto: in male pattern baldness.

Saw palmetto is naturally occurring 5 alpha reductase inhibitor similar to Finasteride used for Androgenetic alopecia in males.There are studies to support it role in AGA both orally(source) and topically(source). However, it can increase PSA levels by 50% making the early detection of Prostate cancer difficult. Thus, you should always discuss with your doctor that you are taking Saw palmetto supplements. Saw palmetto is lipid soluble, thus tea or liquid supplements might not be effective. Best is to use the liposterolic extract in capsules (source). It should NOT be used in females especially if they trying to conceive.


Amino acid: might be helpful

Amino acid like L-cysteine can help in hair regrowth by providing the necessary building block for hair formation.(source)


Horsetail extracts: role uncertain.

Few studies have been conducted to determine the effects of horsetail on humans, so the extent to which it will improve your hair health is uncertain. Also, be aware that long-term use of this herb is not recommended, and consuming it may result in a dangerous drop in your thiamin or vitamin B-1 levels. To prevent this, ask your doctor about also taking a B-complex supplement while you are using horsetail. If you have gout, diabetes or a heart or kidney disorder, you should not consume horsetail. Women who are pregnant, people who drink alcohol chronically or those who are using nicotine patches or gum should avoid this herb as well. (source)


Marine extracts: helpful

Marine extracts from shark are used in Viviscal capsules. There are have two studies that show a positive effect of using marine extracts for hair loss in both male and female:

  • Young males with male pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia showed improvement in hair growth was both visibly and in microscope after the 6 months of treatment with 6 months intake of Marine extracts. (source)
  • Female with hair thinning showed a postive response after 6 months of taking fish extracts (soucre).

However, both the studies are sponsored by the manufacturer itself.

Antioxidants with omega 3 and 6 fatty acids: helpful

In 6 month trial, female with hair loss experienced considerable hair growth with omega 3 and 6 fatty acid.(source)

Methylsulfonylmethane, or MSM: Uncertain role

Methylsulfonylmethane has few trials to prove its efficacy in hair regrowth (source).

Inositol: might help

Inositol might work as DHT blocker but studies supporting role in hair growth lacking (source). It should be combined with choline for the best results.