Best Rosewater Brand In India -Dermatocare Recommendations

Written By Dr Surbhi, MD Skin

Last updated: 20/09/18

Rosewater benefits all kinds of skin; may it be oily, dry or combination when used in the right way. There are many brands of rose water are available, and we are but confused which one is best? Most important is to look for 100% pure rose water without preservatives or additives. I am recommending few brands based on the checklist mentioned at the end of the article:


Deve Herbs Rose Water:

The company vouches upon the purity of the rose water, besides being in a spray bottle and I have used it personally and it does smell like a rose. Check out the price on: and

Khadhi Rose Water:

This is another brand that manufactures pure rose water and with the time-tested seal of “Khadhi”, this is indeed a good choice. However, it does not come in a spray bottle. Check out the price on: and

Kama Ayurveda Pure Rose Water Face and Body Mist:

This is premium brand pf pure rose water that comes in perfect tinted spray packing. The rosewater is obtaoined by steam distillation and is 100% pure. The only downside of this brand is high pricing. Check the price on:

Dabur Gulab Jal

It is quite popular, but I would not recommend it because it has many synthetic ingredients including bronopol, a formaldehyde releasing preservative.

Oriflame Rose water

It also has boatload of chemicals.

Pitanjali Rose water

I could not find the exact composition on the bottle I have. But it didn't smell like roses just after 6 months of purchase.

How to choose the rose water?

Look for following attributes before buying rose water:

  • PURITY: Is the rosewater 100% pure? This is mentioned on the label itself.
  • INGREDIENTS: This means that your rose water should be free from preservatives or for that matter any other ingredients. So, the only ingredient on this list is rose water.
  • SOURCE OF ROSE: I would prefer rose water made form rose available locally because the freshness of the product is assured. Don't you think that the quality of roses or rosewater would deteriorate, if it has to travel miles before reaching you?
  • PACKING: I prefer spray bottle because it gives ease of application. Besides a lot of rose water is not wasted while pouring on the cotton ball.
  • SMELL: If possible smell the product before buying. If it smells anything else but Rose, don’t buy it.
  • READ REVIEWS: If you cannot test the product, read the reviews. I was going through reviews on Amazon, where most good reviews vouched on the smell of the product while few complained that the rose water smelled really bad. This might be because the original product does smell good. However, the product might have got spoiled before reaching the user in certain cases. Few reviewers experienced sensitivity rash with rose water, yes this is a possibility, after all, it has fragrance. While others complained they didn't see the difference, this is so because rose water alone might not be enough. Check out these recipes!

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